Nike 22.11.2018 15:15

“My dad sacrificed his dream, so I could live mine.” @kyrieirving #justdoit

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Nike 18.11.2018 18:03

It's only crazy until you do it, and Odell doesn't feel like he's done anything yet. #justdoit

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Nike 03.12.2018 15:00

This summer, LeBron James showed basketball can bring the world together, making an incredible impact visiting and empowering fans in Shanghai, Paris, Berlin and New York City. #morethananathlete

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Nike 13.11.2018 18:01

Here's to the kids with the craziest dreams. #justdoit

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Nike 01.12.2018 15:02

Nigel Sylvester’s BMX career was already in flight by the time he jumped the tracks at 145th street, but it was that moment that rang out loud enough …

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Nike 07.12.2018 16:55

If you’ve seen a Brooklyn Nets game, you’ve seen Mr. Whammy. The unofficial Nets sixth man doesn’t consider himself a hero, just a fan. A fan who has fans. #allfor1 #af1

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Nike 16.11.2018 19:03

Shalane Flanagan’s epic final stretch to win New York was her loudest moment that silenced the entire city. Customize your Zoom Fly SP NCXL now, with …

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Nike 02.12.2018 22:00

Jenny Dembrow doesn’t consider herself a hero. Just a New Yorker dedicated to serving and empowering the girls of the Lower East Side. #allfor1 #af1

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