L'Oréal Paris España 12.01.2017 20:00

¡Maquillaje Rápido Challenge! ¿Te atreves a maquillarte con tres productos en tan solo 30''? ¡Únete al Reto entre Patry Jordán y Rebeca Stones y elige…

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Dolce & Gabbana 14.01.2017 18:38

I Nuovi Principi. #DGPrinces #DGfw18 #mfw #DGMillennials #realpeople

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L'Oréal Paris España 05.01.2017 20:00

¡Maquillaje con las Manos Challenge! ¿Te atreves a maquillarte en tan solo 45'' con las manos? ¡Únete al Reto entre Patry Jordán y Marta Carriedo en t…

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Планируйте SMM-стратегию 2017:
изучите статистику отраслей
и ключевых брендов.
Maybelline New York DE 30.12.2016 14:01

Glossy Talk geht in eine neue Runde! In der letzten Folge vor der Winterpause trifft MRS BELLA (http://www.youtube.com/user/MrsBellala) auf die wunder…

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L'Oréal Paris España 19.01.2017 20:00

¡Maquillaje Años '80 Challenge! ¿Te atreves a rehacer el maquillaje de cuando erais unas babys en tan sólo 1:30'? ¡Únete al Reto entre Patry Jordán y …

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Christian Dior 30.12.2016 09:07

More on: http://on.dior.com/yt-webseriebella-theparty
Are you ready to party? Stunning Bella Hadid reveals her beauty guide to go out!

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CHANEL 02.01.2017 03:37

CHANEL wishes you a Happy New Year 2017!

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MAC Cosmetics Russia 20.01.2017 12:39

Макияж за считаные минуты! Хотите создать естественные изящные брови? Дэймон Робертс, эксперт по макияжу бровей, покажет, как использовать палетку тен…

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maybellinenewyork 03.01.2017 15:45

Makeupshayla and MannyMua know that when you want to live like a big shot, you gotta lash like a boss. That’s why they never leave home without Maybel…

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L'Oréal Paris España 29.12.2016 20:00

Descubre las tomas más inéditas y los momentos más divertidos y graciosos de LoRealDelMaquillaje en este vídeo protagonizado por Patry Jordán y por to…

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Christian Dior 08.01.2017 10:57

More on: http://on.dior.com/yt-webseriebella-themuptalk
'The Makeup Talk' between Bella Hadid and Peter Philips! Just like them, play with bold …

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MAC Cosmetics 06.01.2017 17:29

Caitlyn Jenner’s collection continues her mission of sharing her transition with the world, championing All Ages, All Races and All Sexes. Here she e…

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MAC Cosmetics 16.01.2017 14:21

Director of Makeup Artistry Mickey Contractor shows you how to create a wedding palette perfect for your whole bridal party.
Shop the products u…

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maybellinenewyork 03.01.2017 15:53

Sometimes you only get one shot at making a big entrance. Better make it count. That’s why Maybelline’s MakeupShayla and MannyMUA get bossed up on the…

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Dolce & Gabbana 14.01.2017 13:56

Exclusive access to the Designer's office while working on the last details of the #DGPrinces collection. Watch the video to take a closer look behind…

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Christian Dior 15.01.2017 09:20

More on: http://on.dior.com/yt-webseriebella-theelevator-bis
Take ‘The Elevator’ with Bella Hadid and find out her new beauty essential: Diorski…

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CHANEL 19.01.2017 19:44

How to get a modern and light makeup look. Learn the tricks and professional tips to look natural and luminous for spring and summer.
Find out …

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MakeupTV 09.01.2017 13:51

Łatwy makijaż na studniówkę? Ten zrobicie naprawdę szybko i wyjdzie nawet jeśli nie macie wielkiej wprawy!
korektor idealna cera

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MaybellineTvES 13.01.2017 10:41

Descubre la nueva base de maquillaje Fit Me Mate y Afina Poros de Maybelline New York. Consigue un maquillaje totalmente adaptado a tu piel y tono par…

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CHANEL 19.01.2017 19:47

How to get an intense and colourful makeup look. Learn the tricks and professional tips to look sophisticated and radiant for spring and summer. …

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L'Oréal Paris France 23.12.2016 15:00

Ce 28ème épisode s'annonce très spécial ! Nos BeautyTUBEURS et nos invités nous dévoilent leurs plus beaux moments !
RDV le 27 janvier à 16h po…

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CHANEL 03.01.2017 20:20

New BLUE SERUM, skincare inspired by the blue zones, regions of the world where people live longer.
Discover more on http://chanel.com/-BLUESERUM

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Maybelline New York DE 18.01.2017 15:34

Maybelline New York goes Fashion Week Berlin! Auf der großen Maybelline Make-Up Show wurden die von unserer MaybellineTrendsquad kreierten Looks präse…

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L'Oréal Paris USA 08.01.2017 14:30

http://www.lorealparisusa.com/truematch Blake Lively’s only makeup is True Match Liquid Foundation that perfectly matches her naturally beautiful skin…

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Maybelline New York DE 11.01.2017 18:34

Unsere Maybellinetrendsquad bei den Lookproben zur Berlin Fashion Week! Entdeckt Draping, Glittering und viele weitere Make-up Trends und erfahrt, wo …

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Maybelline New York DE 29.12.2016 10:32

Aufgepasst, Mädels: Morgen startet unsere letzte Folge Glossy Talk mit MRS BELLA (http://www.youtube.com/user/MrsBellala) vor dem Jahreswechsel. Geme…

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CHANEL 03.01.2017 20:25

Costa Rica, a tropical blue zone with a diverse ecosystem.
At the heart of the BLUE SERUM formula, the green coffee grown in this region is an …

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MAC Cosmetics 06.01.2017 17:47

Lipstick or lip gloss? Real or false lashes? Our lovely collaborator Caitlyn Jenner takes the hot seat and shares her beauty faves in this rapid-fire …

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MakeupTV 29.12.2016 09:25

Szybka przeróbka makijażu codziennego na taki, który sprawdzi się na Sylwestra albo inne karnawałowe wyjście? To możliwe i to w paru krokach! Zobaczci…

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Maybelline New York Lietuva 02.01.2017 10:56

Išmok pasidaryti madingą makiažą, įkvėptą Arianos Grande, kartu su Paulina Paulauskaite ir Maybelline New York vizažiste Justina Gafaro!

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