Garry Kasparov 01.04.2018 18:49

Vote for people who care about defending the institutions of democracy at home and abroad.

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Garry Kasparov 30.03.2018 17:52

Seeing these sentiments everywhere now about going after Putin's money to deter his aggression. Great, but it makes…

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Garry Kasparov 26.03.2018 16:12

Expelling Putin's spies is a good start, and not merely symbolic when done by many nations in solidarity. It hurts…

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Garry Kasparov 09.04.2018 19:21

"There will be peace when everyone the dictator wants to kill is dead" is not a winning argument. Dictators just ma…

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Evgeni Plushenko 07.04.2018 08:55

Japan is a special country, there is a special and quivering attitude towards Athletes! They…

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Garry Kasparov 07.04.2018 17:21

Indeed. Many pro-Trump Congressional seats are in danger. What about Dana Rohrabacher's pro-Putin one?

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Garry Kasparov 04.04.2018 18:19

"How dare you defend yourselves!" has been Putin's line for years. As if Ukraine and Georgia don't answer the quest…

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Garry Kasparov 23.03.2018 21:09

There will be no "base revolt" against Trump. His supporters want only to identify with power and he is still presi…

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Garry Kasparov 12.04.2018 15:45

Which is exactly why they want to join NATO, to be safe from Russian attack. Georgia & Ukraine both failed to gain…

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Garry Kasparov 27.03.2018 20:29

I don't remember exactly when I learned to play chess, but I'll never forget watching my first World Cup in 1970. N…

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Garry Kasparov 29.03.2018 02:11

In the typical weasel words, "strategic considerations." The truth is, if they acknowledged what Putin has done on…

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Evgeni Plushenko 03.04.2018 07:53

Osaka ... @ Osaka Castle Park

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Garry Kasparov 30.03.2018 22:13

"Of course Jews are to blame, their God created all of us!" — Stanisław Jerzy Lec. Happy Passover!

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Garry Kasparov 10.04.2018 14:53

Bingo. Russia too. And they know Western leaders are eager to play along with these fake concessions, to go on TV a…

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Garry Kasparov 12.04.2018 19:20


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Evgeni Plushenko 14.04.2018 14:38

Всегда вместе,всегда рядом ❤️ @ 武蔵野の森総合スポーツプラザ

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Garry Kasparov 11.04.2018 19:11

The one thing Putin cannot afford is a geopolitical defeat akin to the Soviet retreat from Afghanistan. It's why he…

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Garry Kasparov 06.04.2018 16:31

As I said to @chucktodd two days ago, separating Trump from his administration is Putin's objective. Much as Putin…

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Garry Kasparov 03.04.2018 15:47

Another example of what happens when international institutions are abused by authoritarian regimes. As with Russia…

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Garry Kasparov 02.04.2018 15:08

"Rebuild trust", "find common ground", "normalize relations" with Putin's hostile dictatorship. It always means "pl…

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Evgeni Plushenko 31.03.2018 13:24

Thanks to my admirers for such a warm welcome, for Russian flags. Every time I return to Japan…

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Garry Kasparov 02.04.2018 15:31

You know, Paul, I have come to forgive Chamberlain because he truly believed peace was possible. Today's many "Cham…

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Garry Kasparov 11.04.2018 17:48

For better and worse, the UN accepts everyone. But giving a rogue mafia regime like Putin's a veto on any meaningfu…

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Garry Kasparov 05.04.2018 18:05

I'll join Anderson Cooper @AC360 tonight to talk about what Putin wants, and gets, from Trump, regardless of the Tr…

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Garry Kasparov 30.03.2018 20:01

A letter to PM Theresa May from Andrey Sidelnikov, granted asylum in the UK in 2008 after persecution for opposing…

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Garry Kasparov 02.04.2018 16:46

The Kremlin media is saying I'm calling for a World Cup boycott in my Frankfurter Allgemeine article, when I explic…

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Garry Kasparov 12.04.2018 17:58

Yes, of course they don't want to live in the country they are looting & destroying. But mostly they know better th…

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Garry Kasparov 05.04.2018 15:55

Thank you. Yes, and we should appreciate @PreetBharara for always trying to get to the heart of things in a useful…

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Garry Kasparov 26.03.2018 00:08

Good to hear, thank you. Some were surprised that I ended a book on Putin and politics discussing education. But it…

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Garry Kasparov 08.04.2018 03:59

This is why a chapter in Winter Is Coming is titled “The Audacity of False Hope”. I’m sure Iyad loses “resistance”…

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