IKEA UAE 19.11.2017 13:31

Plan a festive craft evening. It’s fun, affordable, and everyone goes home with something handmade. 🙌

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IKEA UAE 19.11.2017 10:51

Turn the KURA Reversible bed upside down and you have a high bed with space for a cosy den 👧👦🛌 #LetsPlayUAE

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IKEA UAE 19.11.2017 09:15

Shane loves lions. He joined our drawing competition last year and drew one. Now, his drawing is a real soft toy sold at IKEA worldwide. 🦁🖍🖌 Be the ne…

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Novikov Dubai 19.11.2017 08:13

When details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail. #novikovdubai#mydubai#uae#finedining#panasian#perfection#details

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Novikov Dubai 20.11.2017 10:31

A new edition to our Menu that will make your tastebuds backflip! #ribeyesteak#ribeye#novikovdubai#mydubai#panasian#finedining

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