Airbnb 07.06.2017 00:16

You don’t have to lose your morning routine because you’re traveling for work. Wake up to meditate as morning sunlight illuminates the clean lines of …

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Airbnb 19.06.2017 01:13

No one wants to be a demanding guest, but if you’re coming from the city, be sure to have your hosts turn on all the extra stars for your visit. In th…

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Airbnb 26.05.2017 17:48

There is no public transportation in Rovinj, just cobblestoned streets that lead to sweeping vistas of the Adriatic coast. Armed with a burek in one h…

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Airbnb 23.06.2017 00:58

#Airbnbmag takes you inside Havana's faded mansions, along its boulevards ambling with classic American cars, and into the forest with devotees of Cub…

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Airbnb 25.05.2017 16:55

Traveling with kids can take some serious multitasking. When bathtime is your morning workout, you're off to a great start. We’d love to see your pare…

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Airbnb 28.05.2017 00:01

In a buzzy city like Los Angeles, a homey hideaway is the optimal place to recharge. Especially after a day out in the sun, museum-hopping from the LA…

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Airbnb 20.06.2017 00:04

This elegant loft in Loma del Angel, a recently restored part of Habana Vieja, is only a couple of blocks from the Museo de la Revolución, and even cl…

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Airbnb 16.06.2017 00:19

The hangouts beloved by everyone’s favorite founding father are still there to enjoy. See where Alexander Hamilton ate, drank, slept, and worked in Ai…

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Airbnb 31.05.2017 00:08

Make the most of a work trip and turn coworkers into travel buddies by exploring the neighborhood. A thirty minute walk from your Airbnb home to Frau …

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Airbnb 14.06.2017 23:50

Nestled between the always-buzzing downtown Los Angeles and sun-soaked beaches of Malibu, Topanga Canyon offers a unique habitat that’s closer to natu…

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Airbnb 10.06.2017 01:05

The unpredictable weather of the Pacific Northwest shouldn’t deter you from visiting. Waking up to both the rain and the soft purr of a house cat in y…

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Airbnb 12.06.2017 01:42

Old-world meets nouveau in bustling Saigon, where it's as easy to get lost among the sleek skyscrapers as the unchanged back alleys from long ago. But…

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Airbnb 04.06.2017 17:39

After an entire morning of walking the the Plaza Central Park, reward yourself and the little one with a much-needed and well-deserved foot soak in th…

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Airbnb 17.06.2017 17:45

Local experts like Amber, an environmental educator and yoga teacher, can show you new ways to enjoy L.A. After a quick paddleboard lesson, she'll lea…

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Airbnb 06.06.2017 00:11

A trip to Goa doesn’t have to mean bidding modern luxuries farewell. In fact, Goa is where both nature and a heated pool converge for a blissful tropi…

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Airbnb 07.06.2017 17:01

Outdoor meals aren’t just for messy toddlers. They’re also perfect for a proper ladies’ luncheon. We’d love to see how your family comes together at m…

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Airbnb 08.06.2017 00:45

Maybe you’re a connoisseur of modern architecture. Or maybe you just want to know how it feels to be a secret agent with impeccable taste. Either way,…

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Airbnb 01.06.2017 00:24

A whole lot of hard work has been done here, on the site of a 19th-century ironworks, but no one will mind if you wander the historic grounds, lounge …

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Airbnb 22.06.2017 17:08

If you ever want to peek inside undiscovered corners of the world, our local experts will take you there. Like to Segarra county, where knowledgeable …

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Airbnb 04.06.2017 00:10

In the small biodiversity-rich region of Tetecalita, fill your schedule with zen-inducing activities like peacock-watching at the on-site botanical ga…

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Airbnb 08.06.2017 17:26

Watching sailboats crisscross the bay is nice, but nothing beats the view from one of their decks. Patrick, a Coast Guard-licensed master sailor, will…

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Airbnb 20.06.2017 17:17

Summer vacation has begun, which means we’re asking the questions that matter at this classic mid-century Palm Springs home. How many people can fit o…

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Airbnb 12.06.2017 23:42

Amid the lush and quiet mountain valley of Heber City sits a remodeled A-frame hideaway that’s both a solitary zen den and spacious gathering place. T…

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Airbnb 03.06.2017 01:16

What’s the point of kicking off your shoes if you have to keep putting them back on? This simple 1960s beach house is just right for a few footloose d…

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Airbnb 02.06.2017 17:07

Hanging out with a local can take some of the mystery out of a new place. Or, if you prefer, do just the opposite. Capetonian storyteller and MC Nicol…

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Airbnb 03.06.2017 18:19

Ever wonder where wasabi comes from—or curse its existence after swallowing a chunk? David, an expert wasabi cultivator in the hills of Okutama, can s…

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Airbnb 09.06.2017 17:09

Local chef and supper club founder Carine is on a mission to introduce you to the rich cuisine of her native Cameroon. Next time you’re in town, join …

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Airbnb 26.05.2017 00:07

When you see work travel as a chance to expand your horizons beyond your desk, exploring your new neighborhood becomes part of the adventure. Before y…

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Airbnb 10.06.2017 23:52

For the adventurous lot, Antigua has an abundance of baroque buildings to be seen, trails to cover, and local handcrafts to sift through at the market…

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Airbnb 30.05.2017 00:15

지구 반대편에서 마음에 쏙 드는 ‘내 집'을 찾는 일, 에어비앤비에선 어렵지 않아요. 작은 소품 하나하나까지도 내 취향에 꼭 맞는, 멕시코 푸에블라의 시크한 로프트. 거울 속에서 어느새 이 집과 하나가 된 자신을 발견하게 될 거예요.
A fe…

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