Air Mauritius 22.06.2017 10:15

The Mauritian colours in all their glory. Great photo by @brian.chan87 #AirMauritius360 #MauritiusArchitecture

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Air Mauritius 21.06.2017 09:29

Now this is a way to plane spot! Great action shot of the Air Mauritius A340 by @elsa_vaulting

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Air Mauritius 20.06.2017 10:50

Thank you for sharing these 50 years with us. Nu fierté, Notre fierté, Our pride. #AirMauritius50yrs

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Air Mauritius 23.06.2017 08:55

Would you like to visit Perth with Air Mauritius? Something to dream about over the weekend... #AirMauritiusDestinations

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