Air Mauritius 18.10.2017 10:01

Water, trees and a sense of calm... thank you for sharing this beautiful image @rajivphotography #AirMauritius360

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Air Mauritius 17.10.2017 09:22

Take off from Johannesburg expertly captured by @amit.akumar.jha #AVGeeks

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Air Mauritius 16.10.2017 09:57

Thailand is one of the great destinations you can fly to with Air Mauritius. Swipe left to see Bangkok in all its glory #AirMauritiusDestinations

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Air Mauritius 19.10.2017 09:07

A stunning Mauritius sunset by @ashv33n - thanks for sharing using #AirMauritius360

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Air Mauritius 20.10.2017 09:37

“You can use your holiday to make more than memories. With sustainable choices, you can help make our world cleaner and greener.” #TravelEnjoyRespect #IY2017

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