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A quick tip to take good photos like a travel blogger: #RuleofThirds.
To capture more unified and balanced images, use 3x3 guidelines on your ca…

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Travel safe, travel far, travel wide and travel often.
Take a journey into yourself.
Bring #FIJIWater to #Travel #AroundTheWorld #FIJIWATE…

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Every drop from #FIJIWater filters through one of the last virgin ecosystems in the world, eventually collecting in a natural artesian aquifer that is…

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Baked Eggs with Avocado ☀
The runny center of the egg mixed with the creaminess of the avocado delivers a rich flavor in every bite! Oozing with…

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"Good habits can transform your life."
1: Idenify the cue to your habit.
2: Find your goal to change your lifestyle.
3: Implement th…

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