Cristiano Ronaldo 22.07.2017 10:03

Hello China! I'm here for 3 days. Ready for brilliance. 👊 #CR7LIVE #Playfree

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Cristiano Ronaldo 24.07.2017 17:03

Thank you China! I'm deeply moved by your passion for brilliance. See you next time. 再见 ⚽👋🏼🇨🇳 #Playfree #CR7LIVE

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Cristiano Ronaldo 24.07.2017 14:02

China's stars of tomorrow, you've earned this gift. Keep working hard, but remember to play your way. Remember to #playfree #CR7LIVE #Mercurial

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Andy Murray 14.08.2017 22:16

#onthisday one year ago! 😊🥇 +Olympic #teamGB #gold #olympics #goodday #riodejaneiro

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Andy Murray 03.08.2017 19:08

Sadly I’ve had to withdraw from Montreal, it’s a tournament that I have a lot of great memories from. I’m working hard as I can to get back on the court as soon as possible.

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Andy Murray 24.07.2017 15:14

Huge congrats to +Jordan Spieth on his win at the The Open ! #UAfamily #TeamUA #IWILL

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Andy Murray 09.08.2017 16:34

Unfortunately I won’t be playing in Cincinnati as I continue my recovery. I always enjoy playing there and I look forward to returning next year. I’…

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Andy Murray 25.07.2017 13:40

Loving the latest +Under Armour campaign with Misty Copeland and Saul Williams. Everyone has women in their lives that are #UnlikeAny (I know I defini…

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