Google+ 21.10.2016 21:57

#FeatureFriday : Style Figure

Congratulations, +Style Figure, your Style Figure Collection has been selected by Google+ Users!

Thanks to everyone for sharing their Fashion Week themed Collections!

You can get a head start…

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Google+ 24.10.2016 20:00

Google+ and the Create program are happy to announce a new program for Community owners and moderators - introducing Community Vanguards!


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Google+ 24.10.2016 21:38

Introducing The Board Games Community

Earlier today we announced the creation of a new Community Vanguards program that aims to support Community owners and moderators. We'll also be regularly featuring some of our best Communities here for you guys to check out. First up is the Board…

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Google+ 21.10.2016 20:23

#Googleween13: Sweet Treats

When it comes to Halloween and sweets, +Ashlee Marie Cakes shows it doesn't have to be all about giant bags of individually wrapped mass produced candy. Armed with Mad Baking Skillz and a little imagination, her Collection below is a treat to witness. …

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Google+ 24.10.2016 15:15

#Googleween13: Doing Halloween At Home

From marbled pumpkins to creepy eyeball slime, +Trisha Haas has a halloween crafting Collection that emphasizes a DIY approach instead of purchasing ready made items. Check out her Collection below for lots of ideas and tutorials.

Add your…

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