Google+ 29.01.2018 20:49

Has the tiny house movement caught your eye? Check out the Tiny House topic on G+ for incredible designs and amazing stories:

image by The Core Team

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Meet Create Member +Tony Simons

"I am a blogger who focuses on Android content and technology. I'm also a landscape and street pho…

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Nome popular: Garça-branca-grande
Nome científico: Ardea alba / Casmerodius albus
Esta garça pode ser encontrada em todo o Brasil, geralment…

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Лучшие посты и другие SMM-метрики
по страницам брендов Попробуйте JagaJam Basic Analytics
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Meet our Google+ Create Members of the Month

Our Google+ Create program is made up of artists, explorers and entrepreneurs who are passiona…

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Check out the North American Landscapes topic for beautiful images of fields, canyons, woods, and much more!

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Meet Google+ Create Member +Sonali Dalal

Sonali Dalal is a photo artist interested in abstract photography. She also photographs the people…

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Google+ 05.02.2018 22:40

G+ Android app update

Hey folks, over the next several days, we'll be enabling a brand new version of the G+ Android app. Though it ver…

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Time travel in space

When Hollywood wants to film scenes from the ancient Roman Empire , they go straight to this incredible village, a ver…

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Visit the Travel India topic to see incredible images of India, learn about the culture, ad so much more.

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A fully penned and inked page, with capital art representing the "Many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore".....and the oil lamp to ponder weak and weary way into the night with!

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#CollectionOfTheWeek: DIY and Crafts

This week’s #CollectionOfTheWeek contest celebrates DIY and Crafts. We are happy to announce our two talented finalists: +Arko Art Creations and +Knitty Kraft.

Now the decision is up to you -- check out the following collections by two of ou…

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Featured Collection

Imagine yourself in a museum as you visit the Armor of the Ancient Greeks Panoply collection by +John Trikeriotis. See helmets, daggers, shields, and so much more!

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Google+ 01.02.2018 22:56

#Community Experts Recap - featuring +Azlin Bloor
Sustaining Long Term Engagement and Success in your Community.

Whether you're a …

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Google+ 27.01.2018 00:33

#CollectionOfTheWeek: DIY and Crafts

Congratulations, +Knitty Kraft. Your collection Knitty Kraft Handmade was voted by Google+ users as the winner of this week's #CollectionOfTheWeek!


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Google+ 23.01.2018 21:35

Interested in learning about plant-based diets? Take a look at the Whole Food Plant Based Food & Fun Fermenting collection, where +Ellie Kennard shares her recipes and tips, as well as beautiful images of her meals and ingredients!

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Google+ 02.02.2018 23:51

iOS updates: community bulk moderation, G+ Today widget

There were a couple of new features in the latest iOS app that was updated in the App Store earlier this week.

First (screenshot 1), we added the ability for community moderators to bulk select posts for moderation. This i…

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Google+ 08.02.2018 21:17

Illustrator Shannon Wright helps us acknowledge #BlackHistoryMonth with a #GoogleDoodle celebrating Carter G. Woodson, known as the "Father of Black History" →

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Google+ 12.02.2018 19:58

Collection of the Week

We asked you to submit your television shows themed collections to our contest and we are excited to announce our finalists: +Harold Chester and +Old School 4 Life™.

Now the decision is up to you! Check out the following collections by two of our talented…

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Google+ 13.02.2018 21:50

#CreateConnections with +Freya de Castelbajac. Join Us Now!

Welcome to #CreateConnections with +Freya de Castelbajac, who five years ago st…

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busuu 30.01.2018 11:32

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