Van Gogh Museum 11.08.2017 07:41

This is the first of the five 'Sunflowers' Vincent van Gogh made 129 years ago in Arles. Nowadays it can be found in Neue Pinakotheken, Munich…

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Van Gogh Museum 13.08.2017 12:15

For Vincent van Gogh the 'Sunflowers' represented something deeply personal. He frequently praised them as symbols of reverie, loyalty, and jo…

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Van Gogh Museum 12.08.2017 18:35

Our favorite! The version you’re all familiar with, ‘our’ Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh. Join our director Axel Rüger live on Facebook Monday August …

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Van Gogh Museum 11.08.2017 14:55

To use so many shades of yellow with only a little green and blue was revolutionary. Vincent made it work!

This second version of the Sunf…

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Van Gogh Museum 12.08.2017 08:10

A new version of the 'Sunflowers', now with a different form of yellow and a new kind of support, coarse jute. This version is in Seiji Togo M…

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