Van Gogh Museum 14.02.2017 14:40

“I feel that there’s nothing more genuinely artistic than to love people” Vincent van Gogh ( to his brother Theo, Arles, 18 September 1888.)

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Van Gogh Museum 13.02.2017 17:05

#VanGoghStories '[..] I didn’t know that one could break one’s brain and that afterwards that got better too.'
Vincent to Theo (1889)…

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Van Gogh Museum 15.02.2017 14:15

#OnThisDay in 1817 Charles François Daubigny was born!
Sunset at Villerville, Daubigny (1874). De Mesdag Collectie

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SMM-отчет по странице бренда.
30+ метрик: графики, таблицы, сводки.
Быстро и качественно.
Van Gogh Museum 16.02.2017 15:40

#VanGoghContemporaries Van Gogh had little opportunity in Arles to see the work of other artists. He was especially curious about the work Émile Berna…

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Van Gogh Museum 17.02.2017 16:45

His first letter... to his brother Theo van Gogh in September 1872.
Get to know Vincent van Gogh through his letters. Read them online (http://ow…

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