Van Gogh Museum 17.01.2017 14:51

This simple still life of a pot of chives has a decorative pattern in the background. It is unclear exactly what Van Gogh was painting – maybe wallpap…

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Van Gogh Museum 18.01.2017 13:50

#VanGoghContemporaries ‘I’ll try to tell you how outstandingly good I find some things in Raffaëlli.’ Wrote Vincent to Theo (1885)

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Van Gogh Museum 20.01.2017 15:25

‘Daubigny’s garden, a painting I’d been thinking about ever since I’ve been here’
Vincent van Gogh, 1890.
Next week is the last week of th…

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Van Gogh Museum 21.01.2017 15:25

#VanGoghFacts The Potato Eaters is the only group-portrait Van Gogh ever made. What do you think of it?
Learn more about this painting at our website:

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Van Gogh Museum 19.01.2017 10:50

#OnThisDay Paul Cézanne was born!
‘What I’ve seen of Cézanne involuntarily comes back to mind, because he has presented the harsh side of Proven…

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