Google+ 03.03.2017 18:48

Three Rockets Launched within Hours Explore Auroras over Alaska
Three NASA rockets carrying instruments into active auroras over Alaska to…

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Google+ 28.02.2017 18:16

G+ Android version 9.6.0: Support for GBoard Animated GIFs

Starting today with version 9.6.0 of the G+ Android client, we are enabling a ne…

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Google+ 28.02.2017 23:09

This Month On G+

Didn't have time to keep up with everything we posted this month? Here's your chance to catch up!

We as…

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SMM-отчет по странице бренда.
30+ метрик: графики, таблицы, сводки.
Быстро и качественно.
Google+ 28.02.2017 19:06

+Charleen Stokes: Create Member & World Traveller

Charleen, tell us about yourself and your creations?

" I'm a crea…

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Google+ 24.02.2017 19:16


...Venetian style

#RoutesDetoursWaypoints #LandscapePhotography #venice #italy #streetphoto #streetphotography 

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Google+ 13.03.2017 19:44

+Ron Clifford's Antarctic Adventures

Take a quick moment out of your day to explore this cool Collection of photography from the 'forgotten' continent. (

Great work, Ron!

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Google+ 10.03.2017 15:33

The Color Of Hope

If colour effects mood, then today this image gives me a feeling of hope :-)

#landscape #monochrome #mountains

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Google+ 28.02.2017 22:14

Bom Carnaval a todos!!
Carnaval da Ilha da Madeira
Chegou fevereiro e junto com ele o Carnaval uma festa muito esperada divirta-se!!
O …

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Google+ 12.03.2017 01:12


Thinking back over the year since the inception of the Google+ Create program, the fond memories I have is meeting Create mem…

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Google+ 06.03.2017 21:16

Growth vs. Engagement: is bigger always better?

What is better for your community? Do you want more members? More engagement? Both? The fol…

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Google+ 01.03.2017 22:29

I’m delighted and astonished to announce the world's largest photography competition “2017 Sony World Photography Awards” have voted as commended …

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Google+ 09.03.2017 15:46

Happy Birthday, Create!

This initiative was created by the Google+ Create Program, a program that celebrates the inspiring individuals behi…

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Google+ 10.03.2017 22:21

Google+ Create turns 1
One year ago today Google announced Google+ Create, a program for recognizing creative, passionate and active Google+ user…

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Google+ 12.03.2017 18:57

My 1 Year Anniversary with Google+ Create

I can't believe it has been an entire year that I have been part of the +Google+​​​​​ Create …

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Google+ 28.02.2017 15:26

Carnaval de Ovar 2017, porta bandeira da escola de samba Costa de Prata
#Portugal #meucarnaval #mycarnaval

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Google+ 12.03.2017 14:48

Let’s Play Holi

The colorful festival will be celebrated on March 13th. It’s time to bridge your social gaps and renew sweet relationships …

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Google+ 06.03.2017 18:11

Celebrating International Women’s Day on Google+ #SheInspiresMe

On March 8th, we celebrate International Women’s Day, recognizing the impor…

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Google+ 07.03.2017 18:32

Madhubala - born Begum Mumtaz Jahan Dehlavi, came from a poor, conservative family based in Delhi and went on to become one of the most iconic female …

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Google+ 11.03.2017 18:16

What makes Create special?

I joined Google+ Create as a proud founding member, not sure about the road ahead, but very excited about the pr…

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Google+ 10.03.2017 18:10

My Year on G+Create
Being among creators is special. You know immediately all things that you are not good at. On the better…

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Google+ 13.03.2017 17:07

Hold For Review

Find out how to take advantage of this useful Community setting with Community Vanguards member +Margaret Tompkins

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Google+ 27.02.2017 16:43

What was your favorite moment from last night's #Oscars?

The 89th Academy Awards ran the gamut from fun, to inspirational, to flat out …

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Google+ 20.03.2017 16:57

"Let's cook together": a new series at foodies+

Here's the idea:
- a foodie+ member comes up with a fun recipe or me…

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Google+ 09.03.2017 19:05

The grimaces of the objects
Ever notice the seemingly humanistic faces that stare at you, from the most unlikely places?

#face #pareidolia

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Google+ 08.03.2017 20:11

I made a free zine of "Amazing Women" (volume 1) and you can get a copy here:

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Google+ 15.03.2017 13:45

Ketogenic for Life

Community Vanguards member +Kimberly Ann Graham runs the San Francisco & Bay Area Local Guides Community, and most recently has started a new Community centered around the Ketogenic lifestyle. Read on to find out why she started this group:


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Google+ 08.03.2017 15:45

International Women's Day 2017

Four young girls come up with an idea to make a difference. In the middle of the street, armed with bri…

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Google+ 01.03.2017 19:25

Hello to the people that have come over from the article I wrote for +Aviation Marketing by ABCI on my top 5 reasons to use +Google+.

If y…

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Google+ 14.03.2017 17:42

#Collections101 Panelist: +Randy Resnick

Save the date: March 28th, 2017

We are excited to announce our first #Collections101 panelist, Randy Resnick!

Randy is a musician, a writer and longtime internet aficionado. His Paris communication business helped put severa…

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Google+ 09.03.2017 22:15

Happy 1st Anniversary, +Google+ Create! Today, I celebrate 2 wins because of Google create!”

How google create helps me understand human behavior better
As a behavioral scientist and researcher, collecting data to better understand human phenomena is sometimes challenging. See, for u…

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