Takahiro Yamamoto 17.01.2017 13:05

Distant Clouds

I often can't capture what I want on locations I visit. Still, I breathe in the air and enjoy the atmosphere to remember…

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Takahiro Yamamoto 19.01.2017 13:02

It Was Cold but I Felt Warm

写真集「四季織々」 http://amzn.to/2c1oxBG (Amazon.co.jp)


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Takahiro Yamamoto 18.01.2017 13:05

Looking Away

I meet only a few people on locations I take photos these days. Sometimes there is no people around me. So when I saw the pige…

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Rodney Pike 20.01.2017 22:39

Available Lyrics : English , Italian Alter Bridge is : Myles Kennedy Mark Tremonti Brian Marshall Scott Phillips

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