Takahiro Yamamoto 17.03.2017 13:41

Tokyo Tower

I got a new 85mm lens the day before. I pondered what the first subject should be, and I decided that I went to see Tokyo Tower…

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Takahiro Yamamoto 19.03.2017 13:30

White Spring

I went to see cherry blossoms in the park nearby but the part of the park was fenced off because the local government had fou…

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Takahiro Yamamoto 21.03.2017 13:37


This is the view of the same floor that I posted yesterday seen from the window side. From there I was able to capture the entire roun…

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SMM-отчет по странице бренда.
30+ метрик: графики, таблицы, сводки.
Быстро и качественно.
Takahiro Yamamoto 20.03.2017 10:51

The Bridge of a Battleship

Looks like it? This is my favorite place in the International Flight Terminal of Haneda Airport in Tokyo. I like…

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Takahiro Yamamoto 16.03.2017 12:47

The Latest Truss Bridge

After I enjoyed walking through a tunnel that was not yet open to traffic, I walked along the river and watched the…

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Анастасия Волочкова 20.03.2017 19:32

Анастасия Волочкова с номером "Русская" в постановке "Россия, слово о тебе" с театром Надежды Бабкиной "Русская песня". г. Владимир, 20/03/2017

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