Google Maps 08.05.2018 21:26

We’re bringing the heat this summer. Check out what updates we have in store to help you discover more: #io18

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Google Maps 21.05.2018 21:15

There’s New Car Smell. There’s New Car Feel.
And now, there’s ✨ New Car Icons ✨

Have an icon (besides the blue arrow) guide you to where you’re going. Learn more:

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Google Play 04.05.2018 20:00

These aren’t the (An)droids you're looking for. May the 4th be with you.

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Google Play 17.05.2018 18:46

It’s the bout of the century. Pit 6 Street Fighter characters against the Rangers in the latest update for Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.

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Google Play 23.05.2018 16:05

There's creativity and motivation behind every mobile game. That's why we’re introducing First Person, a video series about the incredible sto…

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Google Play 24.05.2018 17:00

Determination comes from within. Get inspired by the dedication and drive that led Ashly Burch to her career as a voice actor for some of the biggest …

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