Emirates 20.09.2017 14:55

Hello Copenhagen. Where are you flying to today? #WindowViewWednesday
Image Credit: Chris Wolner

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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 18.09.2017 15:55

Did you get your engines running this weekend? We sure did! 👟

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Korean Air 18.09.2017 09:44

Do cockpit windows open? Or do they remain closed at all times? /MC

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Korean Air 20.09.2017 10:22

If the healing waters of My Khe Beach aren’t enough, head to the Marble Mountains! /MC
#KoreanAir #DaNang #MyKheBeach #MarbleMountains

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Korean Air 21.09.2017 03:34

Love and respect are the first steps to creating a happy world.
#UN #InternationalDayofPeace #21September #Koreanair

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