Estee Lauder UK 03.12.2016 10:00

Who said you can't pair bold eyes with bold lips? Tonight its pure glamour with #LipstickEnvy:

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Shiseido United Kingdom 02.12.2016 17:40

It’s Day 2 of the Shiseido Christmas Competition...
We want to hear your tips and tricks of how to feel energised during the winter months. The …

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Shiseido United Kingdom 04.12.2016 13:00

Shiseido Sunday giveaway!
It's Day 4 of our competition and today we're giving the gift of perfect skin to any Shiseido man. For your chance to…

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Планируйте SMM-стратегию 2017:
изучите статистику отраслей
и ключевых брендов.
Shiseido United Kingdom 03.12.2016 14:00

The Christmas countdown continues and it is time for our third amazing giveaway …

To keep everyone in the Christmas spirit we want you t…

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The Body Shop 06.12.2016 11:51

These cheeky bath sponges bring monkey business to any bath time. Best of all each one helps protect endangered animals and restore a square metre of …

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Shiseido United Kingdom 05.12.2016 17:44

It’s 20 days until #Christmas!
To continue our Shiseido countdown, we are giving you the chance to win our Bio-Performance LiftDynamic Serum. T…

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Shiseido United Kingdom 06.12.2016 17:32

There are 19 days left of the Shiseido #Christmas countdown!
Today, we are giving you the chance to win our amazing Instant Eye and Lip Makeup r…

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Avon 02.12.2016 07:00

This week's treat for you!
Expires midnight on Friday 9th December - online orders only. Now available through your local Representative. #OnlyAtAvon

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Avon 05.12.2016 20:15

Get red-dy for Christmas! 👄
Have you found your True Perfect Red yet? x

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Estee Lauder UK 06.12.2016 09:00

Stuck on gift ideas? We've got you covered with our exclusive holiday gift sets. Shop them now before they're gone:

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Avon 06.12.2016 20:30

Put on your Christmas game face with the festive diamond line-up.
Shop our bestselling Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner at our best ever price now: #OnlyAtAvon

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Avon 03.12.2016 20:30

Exclusive offer - Get this set of 2 Gold Shimmer Diffusers for just half price when you spend £7 or more online!
Shop now:

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The Body Shop 05.12.2016 13:25

Earn roars of applause this Christmas with our ultimate gift. In celebration of our 40th anniversary we've packed our most iconic and bestselling prod…

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Maybelline UK 05.12.2016 16:50

The countdown to Christmas has begun! 🌲 What's your go-to festive eyeshadow palette? Rock Nudes Palette or Blushed Nudes Palette? Vote below! #MaybellineChristmas

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L'OCCITANE en Provence 02.12.2016 09:00

These delicious stocking fillers will satisfy even the trickiest of shopping lists!

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L'OCCITANE en Provence 06.12.2016 09:00

Our sparkling Verbena Collection is the best kick-start for the morning! The fresh, citrus scent of verbena leaves has the unique ability to invigorate and energize the body:

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Clean & Clear 05.12.2016 15:00

Get clearer skin this Christmas with buy one get the second ½ price on the CLEAN & CLEAR® Daily Essentials range in Superdrug! …

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The Body Shop 02.12.2016 10:14

Want to personalise your presents this Christmas? Why not try your hand at Furoshiki, a traditional Japanese style of wrapping gifts. It’s simple, sty…

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L'OCCITANE en Provence 04.12.2016 09:00

Sundays are the perfect time for a relaxing bubble bath with lavender essential oils. How will you spend yours?

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Clarins 05.12.2016 12:31

It's no surprise that #DoubleSerum is the UK's No. 1 anti-ageing serum. It's famous all around the world, too 🌍

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Lancôme 06.12.2016 21:00

Why give in to dull, tired skin this Winter? Awaken an instantly refreshing glow with La Base Pro Hydra Glow primer. Applying primer before your found…

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Clarins 02.12.2016 12:40

It's Friday, and we've got some serious beauty plans for the weekend...

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Avon 04.12.2016 20:15

SPECIAL DELIVERY OFFER - Spend £25 or more today at Avon and get standard delivery for just 50p for any online order! #OnlyAtAvon
Offer ends mid…

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Clarins 05.12.2016 17:10

'Tis the season for gifting and spreading festive cheer! What are you popping under the Christmas tree?

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The Body Shop 06.12.2016 09:41

Shopping for mum, sister and best friend? Teacher, secret santa and dad? No matter who you're treating, head in-store and get 3 for the price of 2 on selected gifts 🎁❣️ What are you waiting for?

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Max Factor 02.12.2016 11:02

For true definition this Christmas, intensify your look with our make-up artist's favourites gift. Three full-size products FREE in a glamorous red ba…

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L'OCCITANE en Provence 05.12.2016 09:00

Christmas has come early! £10 off£50 or £20 off £100. Beat the Monday Blues and share with your family and friends : ) T&Cs apply

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Clarins 06.12.2016 17:20

Cold weather got to your skin? Combine 3-5 drops of Repair Booster to your moisturiser, or mask, to shield yourself - it's our knight in shining armour!

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Matrix Professional Haircare & Color 06.12.2016 12:22

It's time to bring out that Winter wardrobe! Oh wait...#MatrixUK #MatrixColor #HairdresserQuote #Quoteoftheday #blackclothes #wardrobe

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Lancôme 03.12.2016 20:00

Break out of the ordinary with the new Audacity Palette, and experiment with the 16 stunning shades. Enjoy effortless chic that can be worn day or nig…

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