AirAsia 15.05.2018 11:20

We're celebrating #halfabillion of you, our guests! Catch us LIVE from Bangkok as we mark this momentous milestone 🎉

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Cebu Pacific Air 11.05.2018 09:59

Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for! Michael Saturos will complete our Juan for Fun 2018 winners! Stay tuned for their epic trip in the coming weeks!

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SAUDIA AIRLINES الخطوط السعودية 22.04.2018 09:55

H.H. Sheikh Maktoum Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum visits SAUDIA's stand in the #ArabianTravelMarket

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Лучшие посты и другие SMM-метрики
по страницам брендов Попробуйте JagaJam Basic Analytics
Аэрофлот - Российские авиалинии 12.05.2018 13:01

Сегодня с аэродрома Иркутского авиационного завода поднялся в небо второй опытный самолет МС-21-300! При постройке новой машины учтены результаты летн…

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Cebu Pacific Air 19.05.2018 04:00

Iloilo has plenty to offer -- from the magnificent churches to fantastic food!
Check this guide and get ready to fly now!

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airBaltic 07.05.2018 11:01

Enjoy the sun and palm trees while sunbathing on the beaches of Black Sea cost, crisp air in Caucasus Mountains and beauty of street art – Sochi has i…

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SAUDIA AIRLINES الخطوط السعودية 27.04.2018 11:00

Fly #SAUDIA from #Jeddah to #Ankara starting from 829 SAR
For more details & booking

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AirAsia 03.05.2018 12:30

We are looking for TWO content creators to be our #AirAsiaTravelBuddy to the #Maldives!
Get a chance to fly on an all-expense paid trip to the M…

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China Southern Airlines 17.05.2018 07:00

The new Beijing-Tehran route reminds us that these two fascinating metropolises actually share a lot in common: excellent museums, serene gardens, tra…

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Аэрофлот - Российские авиалинии 22.04.2018 13:47

Друзья, в мессенджере WhatsApp от имени Аэрофлота стремительно распространяется информация о мошенническом розыгрыше авиабилетов. Если вы или ваши зна…

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AirAsia 03.05.2018 02:20

Our Crazy Thurs-Deals just get better!
Grab Buy 1 Free 1 flights to Jaipur, Maldives, Taipei, Kaohsiung today at

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Jet Airways 04.05.2018 13:30

You’ve made an impression that’ll last for miles to come. Thank you, Nidhi. #Yours9W

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AirAsia 27.04.2018 07:00

We're flying to a new destination in India soon, can you guess?
Find it in the puzzle and stand a chance to win flights! All you need to do is w…

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Qatar Airways 18.05.2018 16:44

As the Official Airline sponsor of this year’s Emir Cup, we are excited to be taking part in this exhilarating tournament and we wish both Al-Rayyan S…

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China Southern Airlines 16.05.2018 07:00

A few weeks ago, China Southern Airlines participated in a special on-site recruiting event held in London by "Chinese Bridge", a Mandarin proficiency…

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AirAsia 02.05.2018 03:29

[New Destination Alert] Hello #AMRITSAR! Proud to announce our new direct route, Kuala Lumpur-Amritsar, India 🇮🇳 We'll fly in August, so you've got pl…

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SAUDIA AIRLINES الخطوط السعودية 28.04.2018 14:01

Fly #SAUDIA from #Jeddah to #Istanbul starting from 1007 SAR
For more details & booking

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Cebu Pacific Air 19.05.2018 08:01

It’s all about coming home. 💛 Watch as Chef JP Anglo explores more of Bacolod, his hometown! Catch #HungryWithChefJP’s season finale on Sunday, 7:30pm on CNN Philippines.

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SAUDIA AIRLINES الخطوط السعودية 17.05.2018 19:17

Islam is a universal message of peace embedded in the hearts of billions of people.
The values of love and mercy are what binds them together.…

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Jet Airways 24.04.2018 05:14

Always wanted to visit the Netherlands? Here's your chance to win a flight to Amsterdam!

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Utair 16.05.2018 16:03

Utair — самая пунктуальная российская авиакомпания. 98,8% рейсов Utair прилетают и вылетают строго по расписанию. Главное, не опаздывайте к посадке на…

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China Southern Airlines 19.05.2018 07:00

What comes to your mind when seeing a plane flying overhead? Do you wonder how high it is or where it is going?
Video credit to @ _davidness_

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Аэрофлот - Российские авиалинии 10.05.2018 08:01

Тот случай, когда полет фантазии становится реальным! Наш Airbus A321 «оделся» в новую юбилейную ливрею, созданную по эскизу победителя конкурса «Раск…

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China Southern Airlines 20.05.2018 07:00

Jingjing Tan, one of our attendants, told us that skateboarding has changed her relationship with the travel. "At first I used to wonder, 'how far co…

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Southwest Airlines 17.05.2018 17:24

Have you heard summer is on sale? BOOK NOW:
You might notice a fresh look while you’re browsing. Watch this video to learn more.

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SAUDIA AIRLINES الخطوط السعودية 16.05.2018 16:35

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Cebu Pacific Air 27.04.2018 07:48

Traveling this weekend? Check in online before going to the airport! It’s free of charge!
Check in via website:
Check in via mobile app:

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Cebu Pacific Air 26.04.2018 03:00

Taiwan is a foodie’s dream destination whether you’re looking for night market finds, iconic restos, local eateries, and breakfast staples! Here are o…

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Аэрофлот - Российские авиалинии 05.05.2018 09:00

А вы знали, что Аэрофлот сам осуществляет регистрацию и посадку пассажиров в базовом аэропорту? Этим занимаются сотрудники нашего департамента наземно…

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airBaltic 04.05.2018 12:04

Today we are celebrating on board!
May 4 marks an important day in history of Latvia. On this day, in 1990, we restored our independence. So we…

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