Faber-Castell 18.08.2017 11:32

To celebrate Lothar von Faber's 200th birthday, we created a special anniversary edition of his iconic "Polygrades" pencil: bit.ly/2i6MgWK

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Crayola 22.07.2017 23:00

Have you seen our colorful collaboration with Sally Hansen? These crayon inspired nail colors are available at your favorite retailers now!

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Duck Tape 15.08.2017 16:00

GIVEAWAY! How are you using Duck Tape® this school year?
Just "like" this post and comment below with how you'll use Duck Tape® this school yea…

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Лучшие посты и другие SMM-метрики
по страницам брендов Попробуйте JagaJam Basic Analytics
Crayola 09.08.2017 23:00

Have you seen our colorful collaboration with Sally Hansen? These crayon inspired nail colors are available at your favorite retailers now!

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Crayola 21.07.2017 23:30

Keep cool this summer with your own personal fan in this week's Crayola Summer Maker Series craft project! Personalize with your favorite fruit or colorful pattern!

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Duck Tape 25.07.2017 16:00

GIVEAWAY! Are you a creator, educator, or tinkerer? Then we want to know how you use Duck Tape® to be a maker.
How to Enter:
1. "Like" thi…

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Faber-Castell 16.08.2017 11:58

This year Lothar von Faber would have turned 200 years old. Have a look at some of his achievements! In his honour we created an anniversary set of his legendary Polygrades pencils: bit.ly/2hnbcJb

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Duck Tape 22.07.2017 22:07

This DIY looks good enough to eat. (But don't.)
Full how-to: http://ms.spr.ly/donutnotebook

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Sharpie 28.07.2017 15:30

Permanent plants that will never die. #SharpieArt
📷: @bykattart (IG)

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Sharpie 16.08.2017 14:00

The dog days of #summer are even better with a BOLD stroke of #Sharpie.
📷: @dbelenc

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Faber-Castell 15.08.2017 14:08

A treasure from the Faber-Castell archives! These beautiful "Polygrades" pencils were produced in the mid 19th century. Their inventor, Lothar von Fab…

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Duck Tape 15.08.2017 22:00

Introducing the Duck Tape® Makers, a movement of talented and creative folks who see endless possibilities from a roll of tape.
Join Us: http://ms.spr.ly/DuckTapeMaker

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edding 25.07.2017 07:00

Sonne, Strand und Meer für dein Zuhause. 😎 Aus Konservendosen und Permanent Spray machen wir eine richtig schöne Sommerdeko!

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Crayola 05.08.2017 00:00

Personalize your gear with colorful fabric patches! In this week's Summer Maker Series #diy video, we're showing you how to create colorful fabric patches to show off your personal style!

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edding 04.08.2017 08:12

[GEWINNSPIEL] Ab heute bekommt ihr zu jedem Fotobuch von LALALAB einen edding Fasermaler in gold zu eurer Bestellung dazu. Nur so lange der Vorrat rei…

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Crayola 03.08.2017 23:00

Transform ordinary rocks into charming characters, interesting designs or words of wisdom as a random act of kindness for someone you cherish.

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Ежедневники BRUNNEN 18.08.2017 09:48

Внимание КОНКУРС!
Хотите хорошее настроение каждый день?
#Ежедневники #Brunnen в стильной яркой обложке #Prima #Maria дарят вдохновение и …

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Crayola 11.08.2017 23:00

Search for fireflies to take up residence in your Critter Condo or build a magical Fairy Lantern in this week's Summer Maker Series video!

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Faber-Castell 24.07.2017 13:05

Kristina Jurick (www.jurick-art.de) using our Albrecht Dürer Magnus watercolour pencils during an artistravel.eu trip to Morocco! Thanks for sharing!

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Scotch 25.07.2017 23:54

Here’s an easy way to help your kids prepare for the school day on the night before. Use a school projects station. See how: http://s.3m.com/kFz6uI

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Faber-Castell 26.07.2017 13:40

Today, urban sketcher Jens Hübner demonstrates the scraping technique with the cap of our brand new portable water brush! Find out more about the wate…

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Sharpie 30.07.2017 13:00

We believe that artistic spirit brings people together across cities, states, and oceans. Tag a friend you share an artistic bond with to celebrate #I…

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Duck Tape 03.08.2017 22:33

DIY ways to have a stylin' dorm this year.

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Sharpie 14.08.2017 19:00

We were made to unleash our creativity, making the mundane EXCITING and the boring UNFORGETTABLE. How will you use #Sharpie to transform your study habits? #SharpieArtPens #Clearview

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Post-it 08.08.2017 14:22

The perfect gift for the cat-lover in your life! #InternationalCatDay http://s.3m.com/vfAqBm

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Crayola 17.08.2017 23:00

Create first day of school memories with a printable sign for your kids to color!

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edding 05.08.2017 07:53

[GEWINNSPIEL] Bunte Welten und jede Menge Farbe lassen sich im Spiel Splatoon 2 erleben. 😊 Verratet uns in den Kommentaren, warum ihr eins von drei Sp…

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Sharpie 25.07.2017 14:00

This week, we're channeling the fearsome spirit of the open ocean. What's inspiring your #SharpieArt this week?
📷: @bleedingheartcrafts (IG)

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Duck Tape 13.08.2017 00:05

The magnets make this perfect locker decor.
More back-to-school ideas: http://ms.spr.ly/Crafts-School

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Pritt 04.08.2017 12:38

These super power pegs are exactly what you need to hang a towel after a day swimming!

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