Crayola 16.07.2017 00:00

Our colorful collaboration with @SallyHansen features some of our favorite Crayola colors like Scarlet & Cerulean!

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Duck Tape 30.06.2017 12:00

Gru’s banana-loving Minions are finding their way onto a roll of duct tape.
Get yours now:

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Crayola 01.07.2017 23:00

Introducing #InstadrixCrayola! Check out our colorful collaboration with Sally Hansen featuring some of our favorite Crayola colors like Razzmatazz, D…

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Crayola 30.06.2017 14:40

Help us name our brand new blue! Our top five names are: Dreams Come Blue, Bluetiful, Blue Moon Bliss, Reach for the Stars, and Star Spangled Blue! Vote for your favorite for a chance to win!

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Duck Tape 27.06.2017 21:02

Singles finalists have a chance to win too! We're giving $1,000 in scholarship cash to your favorite.
Vote now through July 5:

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Duck Tape 22.06.2017 21:53

The 1st place couple will take home $10,000 in scholarship cash (each!)
Vote once per day now through July 5th to help choose who wins:

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Duck Tape 07.07.2017 14:00

Life motto. 🙌🏼
Get this tape now:

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Duck Tape 12.07.2017 18:38

Congratulations to the 2017 Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest Grand Prize winners, Emily and Ethan! Your votes won them $10,000 each in cash scholarsh…

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Faber-Castell 20.06.2017 12:32

Find out more about the #KARLBOX at!

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Crayola 20.06.2017 23:30

Did you know that the NEW Color Escapes Chalkboard Effects Adult Coloring Kit includes 36 colored pencils that are specially formulated to work on black paper!

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Crayola 19.07.2017 23:00

Brighten someone's day with an inspiring hand painted rock and join the movement to spread a little kindness along the way!

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Crayola 06.07.2017 23:00

Have you seen our colorful collaboration with Sally Hansen? This collection features some of our favorite Crayola colors like Cerulean, Scarlet, and Carnation Pink!

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Crayola 13.07.2017 23:00

Have you cast your vote yet!? Vote for one of our top five and help us choose the name for our brand new blue!

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Pritt 04.07.2017 10:00

Tell us with a reaction which one of the Pritt superheroes is closest to your inner superpower.
Would you like to win your special superhero to…

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Faber-Castell 10.07.2017 14:14

Paint as you go!
Our all new transportable Water Brush is small enough to fit into any pocket - perfect for sketches on the go! It also comes wi…

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Faber-Castell 13.07.2017 11:45

Our new portable water brush has been developed by Urban Sketcher Jens Hübner. Here he showcases how he combines the water brush with our Albrecht Dür…

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Crayola 23.06.2017 23:30

National Pineapple Day is 6/27! 🍍 Create a colorful, pineapple inspired straw jar to brighten up your summer parties!

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Crayola 20.07.2017 23:00

Our top five names are in! Cast your vote to name the new color for a chance to win!

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Sharpie 01.07.2017 12:37

We believe in punny jokes, witty comebacks, and laughing out loud...who will you share a #Sharpie illustrated joke with today? #InternationalJokeDay #SharpieArtPens

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Faber-Castell 15.07.2017 12:05

It's a Match! Our new portable water brush and our Albrecht Dürer watercolour pencils in the new "Magnum" format are a perfect combination!

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Crayola 12.07.2017 23:00

Introducing Crayola Silly Scents! Our new scented crayons and markers feature enticing scents that turn any coloring project into a scribble and sniff drawing!

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Duck Tape 03.07.2017 14:27

We love this fruity and fun DIY idea.

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Crayola 07.07.2017 23:30

Create brightly colored, painted lanterns featuring two paint techniques perfect for crafting outdoors!

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Crayola 15.07.2017 00:00

Our Summer Maker Series is here! We're kicking off 7 weeks of summer camp inspired DIY crafts for kids to make with colorful dino eggs that are perfect to make and trade with friends!

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Faber-Castell 04.07.2017 16:21

We invited artists from seven countries to take a look behind the scenes of our production site and visit the Faber-Castell castle on Thursday and Fri…

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Pritt 21.06.2017 12:30

Summer is here and superheroes are having fun in the sun. But careful! Can you keep our soft beach buddy safe in the shade by putting his umbrella back together?

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Faber-Castell 05.07.2017 14:39

In the coming three days an extremely talented group of artists will have an exclusive look behind the scenes here at Faber-Castell headquarters! We w…

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Crayola 16.07.2017 23:00

Our colorful Silly Scents line is full of sweet smelling scents like green apple, cotton candy, and fruit punch! Try them all and tell us which colorful scent is your favorite!

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Crayola 01.07.2017 00:30

Celebrate the 4th of July with colorful decorations for the whole family! Create kid-friendly sparklers with watercolors and glue or glitter glue, or show your patriotism with a crayon resist flag!

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Faber-Castell 17.07.2017 12:18

Our Ecco pigment pens are popular with illustrators, designers and architects alike. Now they are available in new colours and a variety of nib sizes!…

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