Jacqueline Fernandez 20.10.2016 18:35

Playing host for #JioMAMIwithStar at the Royal Opera House restored to its former glory! Completely in awe! A festival that celebrates bright new cine…

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Kumar Sangakkara 21.10.2016 03:28

Hi Guys - Special thanks to KP and KP24Foundation for looking after four of the brightest talents from the recent Murali Harmony Cup in Dubai. Amazing experience for these youngsters. Cheers, Sanga

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Kumar Sangakkara 23.09.2016 02:30

Hi Guys - Have you registered to walk with us in October? Please visit Trailsl.com to join me in our nation's fight against cancer. #TrailasOne #SangaforTrail

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Kumar Sangakkara 06.10.2016 15:03

End of the first leg of TrailSL this morning. For everyone out there, the website for the trail walk 2016 is http://www.trailsl.com Please log on and donate. Cheers, Sanga

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