Western Union 18.01.2018 21:00

You can't spell #Tasty without 🥑 Healthy and delicious, we can't get enough of this #avocado tuna salad. What's your favorite avocado dish? #WUNomNom

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Western Union 17.01.2018 14:00

Delicious, nutritious and #Vegan. #CoconutMilk makes almost any dish taste better. What's your favorite dish with coconut milk? #WUNomNom

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Western Union 17.01.2018 21:00

From the great migration on the Serengeti to the lush beaches of Zanzibar, Tanzania has something for nearly everyone. #WUWanderlust

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Лучшие посты и другие SMM-метрики
по страницам брендов Попробуйте JagaJam Basic Analytics
Western Union 19.01.2018 14:00

It's been around for many years and we still can't get enough. It's #PopcornDay! Buttered, plain, salty or sweet? 🍿 #WUMoments

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Western Union 18.01.2018 14:00

Too hot, too cold? Hat or no hat? #Help. Calling all parents! Give us some tips on how to dress our kids this season. #WUAdulting

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Western Union 21.01.2018 14:00

Midwives play a #Huge role around the 🌍 in bringing new #Babies into the world. We are joining with our friends in 🇧🇬 in celebrating Babinden "Midwife Day" today. #WUOneWorld

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Western Union 16.01.2018 16:00

My Yellow Plate - who we’ve teamed up with - shares his way of
#LiveMore #ShareMore #RightNow
“The first wealth is health. Eat right. Fee…

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Western Union 17.01.2018 16:00

We’ve teamed up with yo-yo pro Sean Perez sharing how he inspires others to #LiveMore #ShareMore
“The Pinoy Fiesta is one of the most memorable…

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Western Union 18.01.2018 16:00

We’ve teamed up with Nas Daily to share his way of #LiveMore #ShareMore #RightNow
“This is a place I didn't know existed on the map a week ago: the Azores.”
#WUSharesNas #CustomerStories

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Western Union 17.01.2018 00:03

With iced over canals, Bruges is a #WinterWonderland that lives up to its nickname of "The Venice of the North". What's your favorite city to stroll through in the winter? #WUWanderlust

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Western Union Russia 18.01.2018 11:03

Если вы считаете, что лучше гор 🏔 могут быть только горы, то… бывали ли вы в Таджикистане? Это самое маленькое государство в Средней Азии, и горы здесь занимают 93% всей территории.

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Western Union Russia 19.01.2018 07:30

Долгие ленивые праздники уже давно позади, так что больше никаких оправданий пропущенным тренировкам! ☝ Запланировали поход в спортзал или пробежку на ближайшую неделю?

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Western Union 17.01.2018 18:00

Follow your heart to new heights and find out how Nas works every day for something he loves. We’re joining together with the amazing storyteller and …

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Western Union 19.01.2018 19:00

Planning a trip to #Asia for 2018? WU employee, Juan, goes into all you’ll need to know to make adjusting to the culture a breeze! #WUWanderlust ✈

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Western Union 18.01.2018 18:00

Yummy = yellow. My Yellow Plate travels the world to serve local food on a… yellow plate. We're joining together with this amazing customer to share h…

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Western Union 19.01.2018 21:00

The Crooked Forest in Nowe Czarnowo 🇵🇱 has to be seen to be believed. Around 100 trees are bent like the ones in the picture, but no one knows why or…

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Skrill 17.01.2018 16:28

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PayPal 18.01.2018 08:23

Минутка интересных фактов!
Самые тяжелые вещи на Земле🌍:
1) Вращающаяся структура в Космическом центре Кеннеди
2) Нефтегазовая пл…

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Western Union 18.01.2018 17:00

Life for many in Syria is tough, but families can put the worries of the world behind them as they gather to eat their #traditional pastries. Join WU …

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Western Union 20.01.2018 14:00

Calling all #FitnessFanatics. We're tired of our ordinary #Workout routine. Tell us what's your #Fave way to burn some calories and we'll give it a try! #WUMyWay

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Western Union 19.01.2018 16:00

Photographer Elensham Photography is teaming up with us to share the most wonderful impressions #RightNow
“Throwback to when it was snowing in L…

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Western Union 20.01.2018 16:00

We are proud to team up with global citizen Nas Daily #RightNow
“I hope this is what the road to success looks like #9kmstraight”
#LiveMore #ShareMore #WUSharesNas #CustomerStories

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Western Union 18.01.2018 20:00

It’s a new year, so remember the #2Good2BeTrue rule! Double check those great online deals, new online romance, easy part-time job, or lottery wins. Learn more at www.wu.com/fraudawareness.

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Western Union 20.01.2018 21:00

When was the last time you handwrote a #LoveNote to someone? 💌 Can't remember? Why not try it today. We bet it will melt their ❤️ #WULove

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Bitcoin 16.01.2018 19:04

Japan’s Largest Bank to Launch Cryptocurrency Exchange #btctn #Bitcoin #Bitcoinnews

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Visa 18.01.2018 08:00

You keep finding new finish lines. We keep helping you cross them. Here’s to ignoring limits and embracing new challenges.
Like the incredible a…

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Afterpay 17.01.2018 08:00

This one's for mum and dad. Your holiday has just begun! 😅
#afterpaytruth #lolz #partytime

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Касса24 22.01.2018 06:00

Мечты у всех разные. Возможно, вы мечтаете провести отпуск на Мальдивах. Или купить новенький айфон. А еще завести енота и научиться водить машину. …

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Skrill 18.01.2018 16:26

#TBT to filming with world-famous poker player Fedor Holz at his home in Vienna.
Full interview, top tips and behind-the-scenes footage coming very soon...

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Mastercard 17.01.2018 10:00

Masterсard и Pioner Cinema приглашают на премьеру! «Сияние» Наоми Кавасе — одна из самых обсуждаемых картин Каннского фестиваля 2017 года. Это история…

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