State Bank of India 18.02.2019 05:01

Looking to lower your tax burden? Invest in smart and efficient tax saving instruments, best suited for you, to lower your tax liability.
#SBI #…

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State Bank of India 16.02.2019 12:47

Let's all come together to make a difference, through the #BharatKeVeer initiative by the Government of India. You can help the bereaved families by c…

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State Bank of India 11.02.2019 05:52

#YONOStyleBazaar gives you the right reasons to shop! Download #YONOSBI today and start shopping. Download:
#SBI #StateBankOfIndia #…

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Лучшие посты и другие SMM-метрики
по страницам брендов Попробуйте JagaJam Basic Analytics
ICICI Bank 27.01.2019 11:07

Thanks to Mastercard, this lucky group was able to witness the men’s final at Australian Open 2019. What a #priceless memory for the winners of #AceYo…

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ICICI Bank 26.01.2019 10:35

Thanks to Mastercard, their top spends helped them win in straight sets. Winners of #AceYourSpends show off their tickets to the women's singles final…

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ICICI Bank 30.01.2019 12:28

The iMobile app has a surprise for you! Download the app, activate and perform any two transactions and you can be one among 25 customers everyday who…

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ICICI Bank 25.01.2019 16:12

Doesn’t it feel great to receive an extra something on your spends? Well, the iMobile app has amazing offer for you. Download the app, complete any tw…

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ICICI Bank 06.02.2019 13:38

Get ready for a rewarding experience when you get introduced to the most convenient way of banking via the iMobile app or Internet Banking. Download a…

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ICICI Bank 26.01.2019 08:51

Meet the ace spenders who are down under, courtesy of Mastercard. They're set to cheer for their favourite player this evening. Who are you cheering for? Let us know in the comments below. #ausopen

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ICICI Bank 15.02.2019 07:01

Gone are the days where you worry about low cash balance. Let go of your financial woes with PayLater by ICICI Bank. Activate now and start transactin…

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ICICI Bank 18.02.2019 08:06

An experience filled with joyous rewards! Download and activate the iMobile app or start using ICICI Bank Internet Banking to get a Flipkart voucher w…

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Axis Bank 31.01.2019 06:55

It's our constant endeavour at #AxisBank to be of service to the uniformed forces. On #RepublicDay2019, Mr. Subodh Jaiswal, IPS, Commissioner of #Mumb…

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ICICI Bank 04.02.2019 12:53

#ICICITransformingLives: "I was very young when my father met with an accident which left him bed ridden. Overnight, our modestly comfortable lifestyl…

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ICICI Bank 28.01.2019 12:09

Making monthly bill payments is now quick and easy with your iMobile app. And if you are a movie buff, here’s an exciting offer for you! All you have …

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State Bank of India 04.02.2019 04:30

The #YONOSBI20U20 Grand Finale is here! We've got a special night planned for these uber talented nominees, with our Chief Guest, the super talented, …

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State Bank of India 18.02.2019 07:30

“In this moment of grief, our sincere thoughts are with the families of our bravehearts. These initiatives by the Bank are a small gesture towards the…

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ICICI Bank 24.01.2019 11:38

#ICICITransformingLives "My name is Padmini and I grew up in the small village of Malthan near Pune. When I was younger I was very ambitious, but was …

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ICICI Bank 24.01.2019 03:47

Booking train tickets for your next trip? Get flat 50% off on convenience charges on booking rail tickets through the iMobile app and ICICI Bank Internet Banking. Know more:

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ICICI Bank 18.02.2019 09:51

Every payment can now reap you a bundle of rewards. Use ICICI Bank Internet Banking to pay for all your shopping and bills payments. Top spenders duri…

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State Bank of India 20.02.2019 04:30

No excuses accepted! File your income returns on or before the due date and avoid paying a late filing fee.
#SBI #StateBankofIndia #TaxSeason #EndofFY18 #TaxSavingSeason

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ICICI Bank 19.02.2019 07:04

ICICI Bank brings for you a season of rewards. Download and perform any 5 transactions through the iMobile app. Get a BookMyShow voucher worth Rs.250. Know more:

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State Bank of India 01.02.2019 04:30

We’re super excited and curious, are you? The #YONOSBI20U20 contest votes are being tallied and it looks like it’s a close one! Tune in on 4th Feb to catch the results LIVE on Facebook.

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State Bank of India 13.02.2019 11:26

Looking for the perfect gift? Check out new offers and goodies, only on #YONOSBI! Download today:
#SBI #StateBankOfIndia #YONOSBI #Gifts #Offer #Shopping #OnlineShopping

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ICICI Bank 26.01.2019 03:56

Let us celebrate unity, harmony, liberty and feel proud to be a part of India. We wish you a Happy 70th Republic Day.

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State Bank of India 19.02.2019 04:39

Your investments can save tax for you! Evaluate your financial goals to invest in tax saving instruments accordingly, to save taxes.
#SBI #StateBankofIndia #TaxSeason #EndofFY18 #TaxSavingSeason

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Santander Brasil 13.02.2019 21:45

Uma doação pode salvar até quatro vidas. Estamos mobilizando funcionários, amigos e familiares para irem até os hemocentros mais próximos para doarem …

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Mastercard 07.02.2019 06:21

Oh na na! 💃 Camila Cabello wows cardholders with a #Priceless performance at THE ORPHEUM THEATRE.

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ICICI Bank 20.02.2019 11:19

Winners of the Ferrari Credit Card by ICICI Bank Top Spenders contest and Mandira Bedi #LiveTheFerrariDream. Stay tuned for more, straight from Italy.

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Santander Brasil 11.02.2019 20:50

Você vai reparar que nesta semana o vermelho sumiu das nossas páginas. Essa é a nossa forma de chamar sua atenção para a campanha #eudouosangue, uma m…

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State Bank of India 15.02.2019 08:41

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the Pulwama tragedy and their bereaved families. May our Nation's bravehearts rest in peace and wishing the injured jawans a speedy recovery.

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