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SMM Tender? Get analytics of social media brand pages!

Support tender proposal with SMM-analytics: information on brand pages in social media, industry benchmarks, competitive analysis, content analysis,
analysis of target audience's interests.

Quick: From 2 hours

Report preparation and delivery from 2 hours to 2 working days.

Available: From $15

Low-cost reports.

The very core: 20+ key metrics

All the general data and metrics.

Data retrospective up to 2 years

Available data on brand pages over a time frame up to 2 years.

All brands

Data on more than 1,2 million brand pages.

8 social networks

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, VK and OK.

Summary Report on General SMM-metrics

Allows you to evaluate fans activity, their interest in brand and brand page management efficiency. If you analyze the whole industry you can determine average, minimum and maximum values of each metric and set needed KPI's.

One brand page statistics over reported period:20 $

One brand page statitics over reported period (from 50 pages at once and more):15 $

Request a Summary Report
Download example of summary report
Aggregated and average data on selected pages over analyzed period:
  1. Number of Fans
  2. Fans Growth over analyzed period
  3. Number of Posts
  4. Number of Likes
  5. Number of Comments
  6. Number of Reposts
  7. Total Reactions
  8. Average Post Engagement Rate
  9. Average Page Engagement Rate
  10. Average Number of Likes
  11. Average Number of Comments
  12. Average Number of Reposts
  13. Number of Users' Questions on a Wall and in Comments
  14. Number of Answers from Admins
  15. Response Rate
  16. AMIQ
  17. Average Response Time
List of posts and their analysis

Allows you to correct content strategy on a basis of current strategy efficiency data.

One brand page statistics over a month:$15

Request a list of posts
Download example of posts list
List of Posts and Statistics on Post:
  1. Time and Date of Post
  2. Link on Post
  3. Author of Post
  4. Text of Post
  5. Type of Post
  6. Likes on Post
  9. Total Reactions
  10. Post Engagement Rate
Report on audience interests on VKontakte pages

Allows you to get data for content strategy correction on the basis of page audience interests.

One brand page statistics over the last 7 days:from $150

Request a report on interests
Download example of reports on users' interests
List of audience interests by audience groups broken down by their activity:
  1. Total Fans
  2. Core K1 (fans that made one and more reactions on page)
  3. Core K5 (fans that made five and more reactions on page)
  4. Category of interest
  5. Number of interested fans
  6. Percent of Total Fans with this interest
  7. Number of Core K1 Fans with this interest
  8. Percent of Core K1 Fans with this interest
  9. Number of Core K5 Fans with this interest
  10. Percent of Core K5 Fans with this interest
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