Retail Food, August 2016 Industry Social Marketing Report Main Social Marketing Stats by Industry Report contains industry exposure in social media worldwide, without focusing on any specific region. The report is made on the basis of TOP 100 examined industry’s brand pages data analysis (selected by the number of fans) in every social network. The report is useful for brand managers, marketers, and social media marketing specialists.
Average Brand Pages Values Average Brand Pages Values Average number of brand page fans. Average number of posts within a month.
Number of Fans Number of Brand Posts
4 330 341 21
Stats by Social Network
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Users Interaction Average Values in a Selected Range
18.25% Percentage of users’ questions answered by brand Response Rate
1 327 min. Average Response to User's Question Time Average Response Time
Engagement Rate Average Values in a Selected Range
0.51 Number of reactions made by 100 users on a brand page per calendar day Page Engagement Rate
0.36 Number of reactions made by 100 users per one post. Post Engagement Rate
Engaging Content Brand Pages with the highest
Post Engagement Rate
KFC 12.48
KFC 2.87
KFC 1.15
Fast-Growing Pages Fans Growth During the Reporting Period
Domino's Pizza + 699 222
McDonald's + 428 629
KFC + 415 024
Wendy's + 275 524
Pizza Hut + 110 784
TOP-10 Brand Pages by the Number of Fans Sum of Page Fans
and Average Brand Page
McDonald's 66 838 724
KFC 42 445 982
Starbucks 36 434 505
Pizza Hut 28 344 216
Subway 25 547 843
Domino's Pizza 13 966 018
Dunkin' Donuts 13 848 142
McDonald's 10 531 135
Taco Bell 10 447 753
McDonald's 30.08.2016
Likes: 645 451
Comments: 60 422
Reposts: 26 831
Total Interactions: 732 704
Post Engagement Rate: 8.14

A melhor notícia do ano: Os #NovinhosCheddar de novo no McDonald’s. Grand Cheddar McMelt, Super Cheddar Bacon e McFritas Cheddar Bacon para você.

Pillsbury 06.08.2016
Likes: 42 278
Comments: 10 121
Reposts: 389 199
Total Interactions: 441 598
Post Engagement Rate: 12.1

Weekend mornings call for these Easy Bacon and Egg Cups! RECIPE:

McDonald's 04.08.2016
Likes: 358 361
Comments: 5 961
Reposts: 4 787
Total Interactions: 369 109
Post Engagement Rate: 4.14

O novo McFlurry é a combinação perfeita entre o chocolate Nestlé e wafer crocante do KITKAT com a deliciosa sobremesa gelada do McDonald’s. Venha dar um #Break

McDonald's 05.08.2016
Likes: 346 972
Comments: 1 430
Reposts: 1 564
Total Interactions: 349 966
Post Engagement Rate: 3.92

Que tal um toque rústico na sua McOferta Média? Por apenas R$2,00 a mais, seu pedido vira uma ordem! #BatataRústicaústica

McDonald's 25.08.2016
Likes: 263 555
Comments: 9 120
Reposts: 5 732
Total Interactions: 278 407
Post Engagement Rate: 3.1

É sabor. Muito sabor. É sabor até no nome!

Total Fans

Total Number of Brand Page Fans (subscribers, fans, followers)

Total Brand Posts

Total Number of posts (or tweets) made by brand profile during a selected time range.


Kit of metrics that characterize brands in the context of operational efficiency and customer social media supply system. TOP includes brand pages which Response Rate exceeds 65%. After that rating is being sorted by AMIQ.

Response Rate

Percentage of users’ questions responded by brand (on behalf of a brand, not of brand representatives accounts). “Question” is a user’s post or a comment that includes a question mark (?).

Response Time

Average time it takes a monitored Brand Page or Profile to answer user’s questions (from user post or question comment) during a selected time range.


Total number of answered questions minus total ignored questions by brand.

Page Engagement Rate

Page engagement is the number of reactions made by a 100 page fans for calendar day. During the calculation we take into account the total number of page fans (snapshoted in a post publication day).

Post Engagement Rate

Post Engagement Rate – total number of reactions, made by a hundred brand page fans per one post. Rate calculation process considers total brand page fans number by the date of post publication.

Average Engagement Rate per Page

Is calculated as the sum of engagement rates for every date in the analyzed period, divided by the number of days within the period.

Average Post Engagement Rate

Is calculated as engagement rate sums of each post, published during a selected time range, divided by the total number of posts


Any kinds of user activity on a brand page: likes, comments, reposts, retweets, etc.