Garnier India 27.12.2017 15:27

Want in on Alia's makeup removal secret? All you need is just one swipe with Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water!
Available in two variants – Garn…

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Garnier India 22.12.2017 17:01

Picking the right make-up for every look may be confusing and difficult, but removing it shouldn’t be. To remove everyday make-up, use Garnier Micella…

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Garnier India 18.12.2017 12:20

Pink or Yellow?
If it’s just kajal and lipstick that you wear everyday, pick the Pink Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. If long wear lipstick & …

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Garnier India 04.01.2018 13:19

This holiday season, try Garnier Naturals Intense Red for a fun winter look!
#HairColor #HairMakeover #WinterIsHere #GarnierColorNaturals

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Garnier India 08.01.2018 14:18

Always remember to do a 48 hour-skin allergy test behind your ear before you set out to rock tat hair color makeover!
#HairColor #HairMakeover #GarnierColorNaturals

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Garnier India 20.12.2017 13:33

Enriched with lemon essence and white speed serum, the new Garnier Light Complete Serum Cream gives your skin a nourishing glow!
#ActFast #GarnierLightComplete #Skincare #Garnier

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Garnier India 25.12.2017 15:11

Christmas is magical and guess what else is? Try Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and take your make-up off in just one swipe!
#MerryChristmas #TakeItOff #GarnierMicellarWater

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