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This Month On Google+: May Edition

Enjoy this quick refresher of what we've been up to during the last 30 days.

We introduc…

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What's new with Google+

Hey there Plussers! I'm your friendly neighborhood Server Eng Manger, and I wanted to take a little time to…

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Add #MountainMonday to your Google+ rotation

For almost six years, +Michael Russell has been running the +Mountain Monday project, which ai…

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Лучшие посты и другие SMM-метрики
по страницам брендов Попробуйте JagaJam Basic Analytics
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Caribbean Sea

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Collection Of The Week: Biodiversity

+Corina Marinescu uncovers some of the coolest and most unique animals on Earth and drops knowledge ab…

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Explore the beauty of the United States with +Luci Westphal #MyTravelStory

Luci covers everything from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida …

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Meet Create Member Renaud aka +LinkLens

Hi Renaud! Tell us about how you started sharing your photography.

"I'm a frenc…

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Meet Create Member +AJ Lim

"My job is art curator, not artist. All I have ever wanted to do is immerse myself in art, to enjoy it....&…

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Collection Of The Week: 5 Ingredients Or Less Recipes

Problem: We all love food but we're often busy
Solution: Quick and easy reci…

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Collection Of The Week: Unusual Easel | The Street

+Jean-Valentin Grigoras's Collection of street art spotlights some of the most creat…

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책꽂이, Chaek ggo ji
Coex is setting up a largest free tental service in Korea. Look at this giant Bookshelf. By the way, how can they pick a book f…

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A #street in #toledo #Spain #Europe

#travelblogger #travelphotography #Streetphotography +Travel Photographers #ttot 

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Explore Bali Culture and Traditions with +Anna's Soul Travel #MyTravelStory

Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Bali through Anna&#…

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Share your travel stories!

With the middle of the year approaching soon, many of you will be traveling around the worl…

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Community Management Best Practices - Retaining Moderators For Your Community: How To Keep Them Invested
This piece was written by Community Vang…

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Google+ Collection of The Week: Vintage Astronomy, Science & Art

This Collection from +Vladimir Pecha unearths cool and interesting pic…

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E3 Is Here! #E32017

Every June, titans of the video game industry gather in Los Angeles to introduce the latest and greatest games and hard…

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Collection Of The Week: +Virginia Poltrack's 'Super Heroes'

'Super Heroes' features vector illustrations of some of the most iconic heroines of our time. Including both real-life and fictional characters, this diverse lineup has something for everyone.


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Making the G+1 button load more quickly

The G+1 button is shown billions of times per day on web pages around the world, so it’s important that it load as quickly and efficiently as possible. To make it easier for people to load and share the pages they’re interested in, we’ve created a …

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Explore the world of virtual reality with +Roy Hembree

If you're interested in news concerning virtual and augmented reality from #E320…

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Keep up with #E32017 with the 'All Things Gaming' topic on G+

All Things Gaming provides a frequently updated stream of some of the…

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What do you love about Google+?

Inspired by an Earth Day initiative, +Nina Trankova, decided to start a Collection to interview her Google+ friends on what the platform means to them. Follow her Collection and check out these great interviews!

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Community Management Best Practices: Promoting your Community with Pages and Collections

_This post was written by Community Vanguards member +John Chvatal _

A Google+ Page used in conjunction with Collections is a great way of bringing more value to members of a Community. Peo…

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Decipher technology's impact on our lives with Create member Michael Brown

+Michael Brown created this Collection because he "noticed a lot of people sharing and resharing tech blog posts without sharing or breaking down their own thoughts on the advancement of technology and how…

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Community Management Best Practices: 3 easy steps to Achieve Immortality for you and your Community
This post was written by Community Vanguards member +Azlin Bloor

The Foodies+ community has grown and grown over the last 4 years and is one of the most popular communities on Google+.…

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ANNOUNCEMENT: 3rd #Collections101 Panel
Save the date: 6/27, 8.00pm PDT (UTC-7)

What is this panel about?
We want to help you l…

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Reshare to Google+ in fewer clicks

As of today, when you hit the share icon on a Google+ post, you'll automatically be taken to a Googl…

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Sharing photos of my travels is the best way for me to relive those moments. This year looks to be another year of plenty of travels, with a trip to the USA already under my belt, another one coming up in August, Canada too, and then Spain (hopefully) in December.

Follow along on my travels!


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#Collections101 Panelist: +David Amerland
Save the date: June 27th, 2017

We are excited to announce our first #Collections101 panelist, +David Amerland!

David is an international speaker and the author of 15 books on business, the web, social media, search and cognitive…

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YouTube is Live at E3

In case you are unaware, the Electronic Entertainment Expo is on, with gaming galore.

This year, YouTube i…

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