Ella's Kitchen 23.02.2017 11:00

Say HOLA to NEW Mild Chilli Con Carne for tiny taste buds from 7 months!
Perfect for little ones exploring exciting new tastes + textures…includ…

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Ella's Kitchen 09.03.2017 09:00

For a chance to WIN all 4 new veggie mixes + a super cute bib, tell us how you think our 'Tiny Veggie Taster' Be…

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Ella's Kitchen 20.03.2017 11:00

A super colourful plate makes food look reeeeally appealing to little ones, plus it means they’re getting a big variety of tastes + flavours!

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SMM-отчет по странице бренда.
30+ метрик: графики, таблицы, сводки.
Быстро и качественно.
Ella's Kitchen 08.03.2017 09:00

It's Harry's turn in the 'Tiny Veggie Taster' high chair today! For a chance to WIN all 4 new veggie mixes + a s…

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Smint UK 28.02.2017 15:54

Our NEW Smint CLEANBREATH is a sugar-free three layered mint with Zinc and Magnolia extract, scientifically proven …

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Cow & Gate UK 06.03.2017 07:01

To celebrate the launch of brand new Super Yummies Pumpkin & Rosemary breadsticks, you could win one of 60 boxes crammed with delicious snacks! Just t…

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Ella's Kitchen 27.02.2017 09:31

Our scrummy Melty Hoops now come in a super handy bag!
Just the right size + shape for little fingers learning the 'pincer grip' AND they're sup…

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Smint UK 21.03.2017 06:45

Did you know that every time you buy a packet of Strawberry Smint we donate to Breast Cancer Care – we’ve raised over £125,000 so far! And it's all thanks to you ... 💙

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Fruittella UK 17.03.2017 13:25

What do you think of our St Patrick’s Day nails?

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Ella's Kitchen 06.03.2017 10:30

Say hello to our 4 NEW scrummy organic veggie mixtures!
Perfect for little ones ready to move on to exciting flavour combinations after trying s…

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Ella's Kitchen 28.02.2017 09:00

Yippeeee! It's pancake day!!
We'd love to see your pancake foodie art - it's super fun + a fab way to get your little ones interested in food!
What scrummy creations have you made today?

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Maltesers UK 14.03.2017 10:56

We challenge you! Bake the craziest MALTESERS® cake you could possibly imagine, take a picture and upload along with #bakeamillion. For each MALTESERS…

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Fruittella UK 27.02.2017 07:01

Oscar’s Sweetest dressed list
Who’s your pick?

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Ella's Kitchen 07.03.2017 09:00

We recruited 4 tiny tasters to rate our new veggie products! For a chance to WIN all 4 veggie mixes + a super cu…

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Aptaclub UK 20.03.2017 07:00

Mother's Day is this Sunday, so we want to know what you love most about being a mum.
We'll be sharing some of our favourite answers on Mother's Day.

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Aptaclub UK 15.03.2017 11:00

What type of food have you been craving most during your pregnancy? Place your vote using the reactions below.

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Smint UK 17.03.2017 06:00

HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY! We know what we’d want in our pot at the end of the rainbow …. 🌈

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Smint UK 10.03.2017 15:07

Take a look at these shadowboxes by Chris Maynard, who carves feathers into intricate, beautiful works of art! 🙇#FreshtoImpress

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Maltesers UK 20.03.2017 10:33

What is your favourite nostalgic cake? Recreate it using Maltesers®, take and upload a picture along with #bakeamillion and we’ll donate £5 to Comic R…

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Galaxy Chocolate 27.02.2017 17:36

Look what’s just hatched! Galaxy Golden Eggs, only until Easter.

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Ella's Kitchen 22.02.2017 12:00

Top Tip!
If your little one pulls a super funny face when trying a new taste it doesn’t mean they don’t like it! It’s just reeeeally new!

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Ella's Kitchen 16.03.2017 11:00

Tickle tiny taste buds by introducing some super exciting flavours with NEW Mild Chilli Con Carne! It's packed full of veggies, rice and a little pinc…

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Fruittella UK 13.03.2017 10:29

#MondayMotivation #SweetSensations

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The Laughing Cow UK- Official Page 22.02.2017 12:56

At 25 calories per triangle, The Laughing Cow Light is all pleasure for your snack! #snacklove

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Lindt 20.03.2017 10:51

Nothing says Easter like a Lindt Gold Bunny. 🐰✨

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Ella's Kitchen 16.03.2017 18:55

Millions of children are at risk of extreme hunger in East Africa. Our partners Save the Children UK are on the ground doing everything they can to he…

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Fruittella UK 21.03.2017 16:21

Girls, Gossip and Great treats!
Have you heard about Fruittella’s 30% less sugar sweets?
Available now from ASDA, WH Smiths, Morrisons and McColl’s

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Lindt 12.03.2017 09:12

The countdown has officially begun!
Bring the magic of Easter to life with Lindt-inspired games, crafts, recipes and more. Discover now: http://bit.ly/2lxKIBd

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Aptaclub UK 11.03.2017 17:00

A fruit salad is a great way of getting a good dosage of vitamins and nutrients. Berries, especially, are a great source of vitamin C, which is needed…

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Nutella 01.03.2017 06:00

This pancake with strawberries, bananas and Nutella recipe is like a party on a plate (and you’re the only one invited).

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