BOMAG worldwide 28.03.2018 17:00

Holt euch eine BOMAG Maschine ins Wohnzimmer: Wir verlosen ein detailliertes Modell einer Maschine (10 von Euch können gewinnen) im Maßstab 1:50.…

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Liebherr Construction 27.03.2018 18:00

The Ingolstadt site of crane contractor BKL Baukran Logistik has had a new Liebherr LTM 1450-8.1 mobile crane since February. The first job for the br…

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Кубаньжелдормаш 11.04.2018 18:06

Добрый вечер, строительные наши :)
У нас крышу на конторе долбят который день, у меня уже голова к концу дня вообще не соображает! Вот приехал д…

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Лучшие посты и другие SMM-метрики
по страницам брендов Попробуйте JagaJam Basic Analytics
Кубаньжелдормаш 06.04.2018 15:34

Радиоизотопное датирование показало, что практически все сельхозорудия времён первой династии фараонов (Менес, Аха, Джер, Джет, Удиму, Аджиб, Семерхет…

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Кубаньжелдормаш 02.04.2018 16:57

Соскучились по жизнеописанию завода? :)
Добрый вечер, машиностроительные наши!
Вы возможно удивитесь, но у нас в отделе весь год висел кал…

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Siemens 04.04.2018 08:53

Eurostar International Ltd. launched its new service from London to Amsterdam this morning with the Siemens Velaro high-speed train.
Starting t…

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Кубаньжелдормаш 03.04.2018 17:21

Догадываетесь, какие картины привез шеф из Амстердама для отдела маркетинга? Конечно Винсент, конечно оригиналы, но какие именно? См.фото!

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Кубаньжелдормаш 10.04.2018 17:01

10 апреля 1937 года родился Геннадий Матвеевич Фадеев - первый министр путей сообщения Российской Федерации в 1992−1996 годах, министр путей сообщения…

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Liebherr Construction 01.04.2018 08:16

Happy Easter to all our #LiebherrFans.
In case you want to search for some more easter eggs, have a look at the job site of our earthmoving mach…

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Liebherr Mining 05.04.2018 15:02

What a successful example for our vertical integration!
This is our R 9400, the very first excavator equipped with our new D9812 Diesel Engine.…

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Dr Pepper Snapple Group 01.04.2018 15:00

We did it. Introducing Minimus, the first combination of every low- and no-calorie option in our flavorful portfolio.
Minimus. Taste Everything. Sacrifice Nothing.

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Elematic 12.04.2018 08:35

Would there be room for a more efficient, accurate way of marking cutting lines, rectangles and circles for openings and recesses, texts for identific…

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Liebherr Mining 24.03.2018 18:25

How many people can you get onto a Liebherr mining excavator?
Well - honestly we don't know...
But great to see a huge crew squeezing on this R 996!

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Liebherr Construction 08.04.2018 06:52

Who was already on Sicily, the largest insula in the Mediterranean Sea?
Crane contractor Gradito has its headquarters here and dismantled a tunn…

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Elematic 26.03.2018 07:49

Have you ever tried ordering spare parts for your #precast plant only to find out that the shop is closed? If you start to use #Elematic spare parts w…

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Liebherr Construction 22.03.2018 10:59

Are you looking for an exciting career?
Liebherr is one of the largest manufacturers of construction and earthmoving machinery with the highest…

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Liebherr Construction 01.04.2018 07:02

Frohe Ostern wünschen wir euch allen, liebe #LiebherrFans.
Für die, die gerne Ostereier suchen: Wieviele Ostereier haben unsere Erdbewegungsmaschinen hier bereits gefunden?

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Liebherr Construction 03.04.2018 10:07

A typical task in Paris:
The individual components of a tunnel boring machine each weigh 295 metric tons. Here they are being lifted by an LG 1…

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Liebherr Mining 07.04.2018 13:06

Starting the engine:
Our first #R9400 Mining Excavator at Trapper Mine in Colorado, United States, has been commissioned into service now.
More to follow soon!

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Liebherr Construction 22.03.2018 16:38

Trade Fair time in Switzerland:
Right now, the Baumaschinenmesse in Berne takes place. After a bit of snow in the last days, we have quite good …

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Liebherr Construction 05.04.2018 15:18

18 Days to go:
Soon, the 2018 Intermat is going to open its doors for you. And a lot of things have to be done at our booth before we're ready …

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BOMAG worldwide 24.03.2018 17:00

Unser Multitalent: VARIOCONTROL
Die Technologie, die in unseren Walzenzügen die Effizienz der Verdichtungsarbeit verbessert, den Prüfaufwand ve…

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Siemens 08.04.2018 08:46

Developers, hurry up! Upload your concept, win our MindSphere developer’s contest and be our guest among leading industry players and Siemens partners…

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Liebherr Construction 01.04.2018 10:54

Liebherr is bringing the Football World Cup to your cabin: Just in time for the FIFA World Cup, you can look forward to a new special function in our …

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СИБУР 06.04.2018 09:09

СИБУР получил специальную премию Randstad Award как самый привлекательный работодатель в категории "Химическая промышленность" на протяжении 5 лет под…

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ПАО "Силовые машины" / Power Machines group 07.04.2018 16:00

#Fuerza_de_Power_Machines #Novedades_de_la_Industria
En San Petersburgo se creará un conjunto de soluciones de alta tecnología para el desarroll…

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Liebherr Construction 25.03.2018 07:05

Reach for the Sky!
As Hong Kong heads towards the sky, three duty cycle crawler cranes from Liebherr are currently carrying out deep foundation…

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Liebherr Mining 01.04.2018 07:08

Happy Easter, everyone.
Also our Liebherr Mining Easter Truck is quite busy delivering some easter eggs.
How does your Mining Easter Special looks like?

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Liebherr Construction 01.04.2018 10:29

Liebherr bringt die Fußball Weltmeisterschaft zu euch in die Kabine:
Rechtzeitig zur FIFA Fußball-WM könnt ihr euch über eine neue Sonderfunktio…

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Liebherr Construction 22.03.2018 16:05

Messebesuch in der Schweiz:
Seit gestern findet die Baumaschinenmesse in Bern statt. Nach etwas Schnee während des Aufbaus und am Messebeginn fr…

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