Why Brands Choose JagaJam?

Companies try different ways to collect and analyze social media brand pages data. This process includes not only social networks insights analysis, but also different statistic services usage, hiring special employees to analyze the data. So, why do brands and agencies use JagaJam for collecting and analyzing social media data?


Acknowledged industry leader

We launched the first Russian automated social media brand pages statistics and analytics service as early as in 2012. For the time of our work we have earned the confidence of global brands, medium and small-sized businesses and leading ad agencies.


Approved vendor of unique data

We have risen through the ranks from start-up to become a stable company. Nevertheless, we continue to experiment, implement innovations, doing and repairing mistakes from time to time. But thanks to our experience and expertise, as a result of our efforts our clients get reliable service that satisfies the demands of market. Our clients don’t have to worry as they know positively that at any moment of time they can get accurate real-time data. Furthermore, there is some unique data that is available only to JagaJam clients.


Full analytic capacity

JagaJam platform provides a metrics kit that allows conducting full social media brand pages analysis. There are metrics that characterize the audience and its activity, metrics that can help define a perfect time for content publishing and its engaging features. JagaJam also offers data retrospective. We provide instruments with the help of which you can conduct competitive and industry analysis, make benchmarks, set and control KPI.


Timely data reporting

We know that there are moments in every company (brand or agency) when employees need to get data immediately. Usually such situations arise when it comes to reports preparation for executive managers or clients, to preparing for tender procedure and on other occasions. JagaJam platform carries out data acquisition immediately, provides customers with automatically made scheduled reports and, if needed, with the raw data for individual processing.


Ideal client service

We are proud of our customer care service. It is legendary. Every JagaJam customer knows that he (or she) can count upon our customer care team, which in case of any problem will immediately solve it.


Brands interaction with contractors management

JagaJam makes brands’ engagement with the contractors transparent, providing shared access to statistics and analytics. It is important to to use unified measurement system, unified metrics for KPI’s determination and control. Monitoring the project online (not with the help of contractor’s reports) allows brands make decisions immediately.


Regional and industry research

Thanks to uninterrupted analysis of hundreds of thousands brand pages, JagaJam forms and publishes regional and industry insight reports on a regular basis. These reports help marketers understand current market situation, make right managerial decisions, define industry benchmarks to set KPIs.