JagaJam Team

Team is a heart of a company, its main engine. People are our core value. They represent JagaJam corporate culture and workstyle.

Our Team Building

We are operating business at scale. That is why we have always paid attention to our business processes automation. For this reason we hire new employees quite rarely – only when a real need arises. But it has been happening with increasing frequency lately.

Only highly motivated result-oriented professionals become a part of our team. They should have high potential and string along with JagaJam brand values. We have been using this approach from the very beginning and up to now.

Thanks to this approach nowadays JagaJam Team is a self-sufficing machine, which is able to achieve its goals, no matter what happens with the market condition and business environment.

JagaJam officials

Artyom Lipko JagaJam Chief Technology Officer

In charge of JagaJam technical development and advancement. Concerned with newest technologies research and analysis with a view to future platform upgrade. Has a huge experience in designing the systems of a different degree of complexity. Developmental process is organized according with effective project management techniques that are being practiced all over the world.

JagaJam co-author and co-founder.

Maxim Lipko Chief of partner relationship department
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Responsible for sales process management and partner relationship. Customer care department under his guidance operates at high level.

Has good presentation skills and experience in holding high-level meetings. Ensures coordination between customer care and marketing department, which helps JagaJam bring platform functionality into accordance with customer’s needs.