About JagaJam

Mission Statement

JagaJam provides brands with authentic data on the efficiency of their interaction with social media audience. In order to make right communication decisions you have to make right analysis of right data. That is what our mission is based on.

JagaJam is an analytics platform, which is helpful in making effective communications between brand and social media audience.

With the help of JagaJam you can get not only comprehensive retrospective data on brand page audience and published content on social media, but also analytics on interaction between the audience and the content. As a result, you will get all the necessary information you need to optimize your content strategy and make interactions with social media target audience effective.

JagaJam provides brands with current data on competitors’ social media activities: their social media content and results they achieve.

By analyzing hundreds of thousands brand pages, JagaJam forms regional and industry social media benchmarks. JagaJam draws reports public regional and industry insight reports on a regular basis.

JagaJam collects data in a legal way only with the help of social media software interface. Data analysis process is uninterrupted. Brand pages data updates 1-2 times a day. According with the security policy, the platform furnishes users only with that data, which is set by the access rights determined by the access rights settings for a certain user in a particular social network. The platform provides access to its data at any time of day anywhere in the world.

Who JagaJam is made for?

With the help of social media marketing (SMM) companies can increase its cost-effectiveness (ROI) by growing its revenue and reducing costs with the help of interaction between brand and social media users.

That is why companies and corporations focus their marketing efforts on social networks, competing with each other for social media users’ attention. But who wins this competition? Of course, all those innovative marketers, researchers, analysts and people, who realize the importance of statistics, trends and insights for effective marketing.

JagaJam is made for these advanced marketers, brand managers, content creators and SMM-analysts.

As we develop our platform we are trying to align with the needs of big brands working in different industries. These particular companies are social media marketing drivers in the modern business. That is why as we offer brands our product in the field of SMM-analytics we completely cover the demands of small and big businesses.

Also JagaJam is designed for advertising and SMM-agencies that help companies make a strong presence in social networks and build effective communications with the target audience.

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