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We are proud of our clients. You can see among them big global brands operating in different industries, medium and small-sized business and key advertising agencies.

Unfortunately, due to confidentiality restrictions we cannot tell you about all our customers, but we would definitely love to do this.

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YUM! Restaurants International Russia & CIS Yana Malanina Social Media Manager

«Why do we use JagaJam? Cause this is the best analytical tool on the Russian market. If you want to play in the major league, you have to choose the right partners. This refers to everything in our case: from the choice of chicken suppliers for our restaurants to some technical decisions, that make our business better».

STS Media Anastasiya Batsueva Head of Internet Promotion

«What I like about JagaJam is the balance between the amount of data and its visualization. This service is very useful for conducting experiments and researches, building long-term strategies and for everyday SMM monitoring as well».

СТС Media Anton Fedin Head of Social Media

«JagaJam not only offers the greatest possible metrics kit, but also conveniently delivers data for comparative analysis of your own and competitors’ audiences in social media».

Lamoda Eva Ivanova Team Lead SMM, Russia & CIS

«We have been collaborating with JagaJam for a very long time!
The service is very convenient, staff members are always nice and always on call. During all these years these guys have never stopped improving themselves, upgrading their skills and optimizing their service.
Such a big company as Lamoda is always in need in operative analytics of a high quality. Everyday we accurately count our costs and profit. JagaJam does the half of this work and saves our time and nerves. I am very glad to keep on collaborating with such cool professionals».

GC Morton Kseniya Disnenko Head of Special Projects

«On behalf of the whole company I would like to express gratitude to this guys for their high-quality service and support. We take content planning issues very seriously and regularly analyze users’ reactions on different content types, engagement changes, depending on the publication time. Also we analyze lots of users’ reactions metrics on every social channel. In this regard I can say that JagaJam functionality makes our lives much easier ».

Jami Katerina Tkachenko SMM Group Head

«First-rate SMM-engineering, nontrivial approach and permanent perfection of the product - those are only some of the reasons why we in JAMI love JagaJam. More than three years is the service not only an important part of our processes, but a key instrument for solving most uncommon tasks. Our special thanks go to the team for their professionalism, careful attitude to the details, feeling of humanity and openness. Good luck by reaching analytical summits!»

Hungry Boys Maxim Fedorov Head of SMM

«During our 3-years-old-collaboration JagaJam guys have approved themselves as a reliable partners. Great functionality, service and immediate processing of even the most unusual requires. Within my recollection we have never faced a problem, for what we are very grateful!»

Red Keds Aleksandr Zalevskyi SMM Product Manager

«JagaJam is a perfect analytical tool for SMM. I want to thank those people who make this product for their professionalism and dynamic response to emerging market needs. At times, I can’t imagine where would I be without you!».

Avanta Digital Ekaterina Belinskaya Avanta Digital creative director

«We started using JagaJam long time ago – in 2013, when it was represented on an old different platform. Since then this service has been upgraded many times, developed and deepened functionality for analytics, added new metrics for analysis. Of course, our specialist are very glad to see all these changes. User-friendly interface and demonstrative data visualization streamline metrics management as for us, so for our clients, which can also control the efficiency of our work».

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