MEKA 05.01.2017 07:07

Another Meka Plant for Concrete Road Projects
In Kazakhstan where construction activities are intense, total of public and…

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Siemens 19.12.2016 12:35

From a start-up in a back courtyard to a global enterprise. Werner von Siemens realized his dream despite all adversity. #200years of #Ingenuity

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Liebherr Construction 03.01.2017 08:09

Safe and comfortable at the same time!
An example of this is the new automatic working brake, which Liebherr for example offer for the new A 910…

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Планируйте SMM-стратегию 2017:
изучите статистику отраслей
и ключевых брендов.
Siemens 21.12.2016 09:49

Even Santa Claus needs a bit of technological support to deliver all of the presents on time. A special software by Siemens can help out. How? Read: #manufacturing

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Liebherr Construction 24.12.2016 13:48

And the winner is:
Congrats, your picture was voted the best #LiebherrXmas picture 2016! Thanks everyone for voting and thanks to …

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Liebherr Construction 12.01.2017 09:54

How does the horizontal load path works on our luffing jib cranes?
Programmable logic controller (PLC) allows a luffing jib crane to perform a h…

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Liebherr Construction 29.12.2016 17:33

55 Jahre und mehr als 55 555 Maschinen
Vor 55 Jahren wurde die Liebherr-France SAS in Colmar im Elsass gegründet. Seit mehr als einem halben Jah…

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Liebherr Mining 09.01.2017 14:20

Since December 2016 this Liebherr R 9100 mining #excavator is in operation in Democratic Republic of Congo, and the customer is very impressed by the …

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Liebherr Construction 28.12.2016 17:42

Elevating working platform
The Liebherr piling and drilling rig LRB 355 can be equipped with an elevating working platform enabling safe and ea…

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Siemens 04.01.2017 13:04

Medical images have finally become understandable! With his new cinematic approach to medical imaging Klaus Engel has revolutionized x-ray images. Thi…

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Liebherr Construction 22.12.2016 17:38

In 1961, aged just 21 years, Fran Göstl founded his own company. Starting in the timber and construction material business, the company offers today c…

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MEKA 28.12.2016 06:55

Speed, Capacity and Accuracy All Together with Specially Designed Meka Aggregate Bin
Special 135, 180 and 250 m³/h capacit…

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Liebherr Construction 11.01.2017 10:40

Unsere PR 776 - als Hintergrund?
Zu unserer Mining-Raupe PR 776 bekommen wir von euch viele Fragen - und da sie mit rund 70t die größte hydrosta…

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Liebherr Construction 09.01.2017 14:17

Stunning Duo:
we always love to see some of our machines in operation - and the more, the better! In this case, thanks to one of our #LiebherrFa…

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Liebherr Mining 05.01.2017 09:14

A new one:
Maik, one of our #LiebherrFans, is very happy with his new buddy: This R 9150 is operating in a quarry in Germany. The machine was de…

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Liebherr Construction 27.12.2016 18:18

Have you ever asked yourself, how our patented truck mounted concrete pump outrigger system „XXT" works?
The front and rear support arms are rot…

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Liebherr Mining 22.12.2016 07:12

Celebrating 35 years of Liebherr in Australia!
We’ve enjoyed sharing our memories of Liebherr-Australia over the year, and hearing your memories…

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Liebherr Construction 03.01.2017 16:59

Sicher kann auch komfortabel sein!
Ein Beispiel dafür ist die neue automatische Arbeitsbremse, die Liebherr unter anderem beim A 910 Compact mit…

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Liebherr Maritime 24.12.2016 13:49

We wish all #Liebherr #Maritime #Fans a Merry Christmas!

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MEKA 05.01.2017 12:07

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MEKA 26.12.2016 12:38

The cleaner your aggregate is, the higher value it has.
MEKA washing screens provide unmatched results with high pressured water cleaning system…

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Inter RAO 22.12.2016 06:24

Друзья, мы поздравляем с Днём энергетика всех причастных!
В честь этого светлого праздника предлагаем вам проверить свои знания, пройти наш тес…

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Liebherr Construction 05.01.2017 16:42

Wie man es dreht und wendet: Wo man hinschaut überall viel Platz!
Hier könnt ihr erstmalig 360° unserer neu gestalteten LRT-Kabine bewundern. Be…

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Liebherr Construction 21.12.2016 17:53

Liebherr Turmdrehkrane am Eingang zum Olmpia-Park in Montreal:
Am Montreal-Tower kommen unser größter Verstellauslegerkran ein 710 HC-L 32/64 Li…

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Liebherr Mining 04.01.2017 14:30

In a long standing tradition of collaboration between Moolarben Coal Operations (MCO) and Liebherr-Australia Pty. Ltd., the first R 996 B engine repow…

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Liebherr Construction 09.01.2017 14:11

Geburtstagstorte oder Baustelle?
Na, vielleicht auch beides in einem!
Vielen Dank an unseren Fan Danny für das tolle Bild seiner Geburtsta…

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Liebherr Construction 25.12.2016 08:45

Frohe Weihnachten!
Wir wünschen all unseren Fans ein frohes Weihnachtsfest im Kreise eurer Liebsten.
Und zum kurzen Zeitvertreib kommt hier der Liebherr-Weihnachtsfilm:

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Siemens 13.01.2017 13:46

Our colleagues at Siemens in Africa have created an Augmented Reality App that merges the real and virtual worlds. Unlock new content, videos and inf…

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Liebherr Construction 25.12.2016 08:00

Merry Christmas:
We wish all our fans here a merry christmas and a wonderful christmas time.
To keep you entertained, check out our Xmas movie:

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MEKA 12.01.2017 06:31

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